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Often people are wondering "what about Bob," well, here I am - running this great web site company. Well, business yes, but to say "company" might be stretching things a little in view of the fact that all of the people involved with, or a part of this company, including all departments of sales / marketing, design / development, promotion, tech support / field service, quality control, accounting / finance and all levels of management etc., would (including me) total up to one ( 1 ) and the total facilities in use are a computer, phone and a corner of a room in my house (aside from the server and hosting part). But that is why it is a great company, . er .. business - being that you can do so much with just a phone and a computer - on the Internet. Communicate, advertise, sell anything to the whole world all from one little corner of one room - anywhere.

Anyone looking to get into any business can get a good start like this, without a very significant investment - such as in a storefront, warehouse or office space. And those that already have a viable working business can add considerable exposure to it for a relatively small amount of (marketing) dollars -- with a web site. Well, I guess I am getting off on this "business" (in general), because there isn't much to explain about this - my .. ah .. "company". Anyway, the Internet is nice place to work, with it's share of drawbacks like anything, but certainly a great - convenient and economical, as well as, a fun tool for anyone / any business seeking exposure or to increase and improve communications.

Bob Tilden
Owner / Operator / President / CEO / CFO / Head of Management, Marketing, Accounting, Finance, Research & Development, Quality Control, / Chairman of the Board .. AND . Chief Cook and Bottle Washer !     : )
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Economical Web Site Hosting, Web Site Design, Web Site Development, web site construction, web site creation with E-Commerce, shopping cart, catalog, order form, daily counters, email lists, bulletin board & all the tools / utilities for business on the internet.

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