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Unlimited - - - Clean - - - Freeeee - - - Energy

Reduce the Cost of Energy -
- to less than what you pay now to heat your home and drive your car, etc.
- without pollution !

Save Our Environment and Reduce Cancer and other Diseases.
Clean up our air and water.
Be able to consume crops, and animals eating the crops grown in this environment - without concern of contracting the diseases and cancers caused by the pollution absorbed by the crops.
Reduce Acid Rain and be able to eat the fish from our lakes, streams, etc.
Minimize the destruction of land from ugly power lines and pipelines.

Improve Foreign Relations - Minimize involvement contention, conflict and loss of life in the Middle East.
Reduce our dependence on oil, Iraqi oil, OPEC, etc.
Reduce our interest and involvement in the affairs of other countries.
Reduce the reasons for others to mistrust and dislike us.
Minimize the possibility of supporting terrorists (through the purchase of foreign oil.)

If our government would QUIT SUBSIDIZING THE OIL COMPANIES, (and the other costly polluting fossil fuel and nuclear technologies) and give just similar support to the CLEAN RENEWABLE TECHNOLOGIES, we would quickly realize the tremendous benefits above. We should not be needing foreign oil. The only reason we should have to be involved in any other country should be to assist their struggling poor or oppressed people. The world need not have reason to question our motives. If we only did good things to help the poor and afflicted / oppressed and the world had no (real) reason to question our motives, the likelihood of terrorism would have to be reduced considerably. If our current infrastructure was harnessing the renewables instead of the fossil fuels and nuclear energies, we would be paying less for our energy, have a healthy environment and not be subject to the Middle East.

Everyone that would like to see the above come to pass is invited to make use of the following letter (or any version of it) and encourage our leaders to develop and support policy to make these changes - shift support from the costly polluting fuels to the clean abundant renewables:

All Senators, Representatives and President Bush can be easily emailed through the following web site. Their physical addresses and telephone numbers are also provided - to more quickly, and even more meaningfully register an opinion or request:


Dear Senator / Congressman / President Bush:

I believe we are well past the time that we should have been making a serious effort to develop the Clean, Renewable Energy Technologies and minimizing our use of, and dependence on oil and the other polluting, costly forms of energy. But I am noticing that our government (this administration) is still subsidizing and is even expected to increase its support to the gluttonous oil companies, while offering minimal support to the (Non-Polluting) Renewable Energy Industry.

How much more secure and better off could we be, and how many of our conflicts in the world would be eliminated if we were not dependent on foreign oil?! We could be producing most of the energy we need from the abundant, clean resources of the sun, wind, geothermal, etc. We have the know-how and the means, we just need our leaders to make the decision - to put the support behind the effort to make the conversion.

The "green" - clean, renewable technologies just need a little help getting noticed and into mass production. The technology exists to generate energy from the sun, wind, and geothermal, resources at costs comparable to, and even less than from the burning of fossil fuels, particularly if we account for the cost of the pollution and other problems connected with fossil fuels. They cost us so much more than what we see and pay for up front because of the damaging pollution and other related problems (political / international conflicts, national security, global warming, etc.). So it would only make sense to provide considerable tax incentives / credits to the producers and users of the pollution-free fuels, AND have a penalty / tax on the production and use of the polluting fuels - NOT SUBSIDIZE THEM! Revenue from this tax could be applied to pollution clean up and to help develop and convert to the green energy technologies - which overall would make these technologies much lower cost than what we are paying for the filthy fossil fuels. It is really short sighted and irresponsible to not be doing more to make this conversion (faster).

Because the use of fossil fuels (and nuclear power) pollute and cost society, there should be a penalty (NOT A REWARD!) associated with them. Whereas the clean renewable energies have so many benefits accompanying them that there should be considerable tax credits associated with them. The more oil is subsidized, the more its costs is kept low artificially, and the less motivation there is to make the conversion to the more beneficial renewable resources. Making any effort to keep oil cheap is inane - exactly the opposite of what we should be doing.

If the resources that have been, and still are "spent" (wasted) on fossil fuel and nuclear power technologies were instead "invested" in the green energy technologies, we could quickly make the conversion, realize great benefits, cost savings and achieve energy independence.

It certainly seems to be a good thing to have removed Saddam Hussein from Iraq, but is it needed and right for us to still have such a large presence there, and are we justified in losing / sacrificing so many good lives? With Hussein captured and having been gone for many months, could we not have set up an Iraqi government by now and left?? Are the rebels attacking and killing any of their own countrymen, or only the U.S. / Coalition troops (that they see as invaders)? Are we trying to maintain more control in their government than we should because of our interest in the oil and thus creating more mistrust and enemies - unnecessarily? This is what many people around the world question. The responsibility and consequences of our decisions and actions here are huge.

How could we be expected to believe that this administration has a conscience if they allow and even promote the current situation (by subsidizing the oil companies)?

Please help us, yourself and our children and develop and support legislation to bring about some of these changes - to direct more support to where we would realize the greatest benefits.

Thank you very much.


The energy bill currently in congress is even reducing current support to the RE industry. (December 2003, it was recently defeated - so they are still working on it.) The following 2 articles are references on this:

(1) http://www.solaraccess.com/news/story?storyid=5335 and

(2) http://www.solaraccess.com/news/story?storyid=5515

or both reproduced Here.


Also feel free to check out some other worthwhile references below:





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krischan @ krischanphoto.com