Web Sites Plus

Pricing / Fees:

The power and sophistication of the web building, business operation and other utilities available here are unparalleled anywhere and we offer it for less than what other providers charge for more limited and inferior products, systems and services.    This system, a breakthrough in internet technology called "EZ-Nettools" is doing for web design and internet business what "Windows" has done for the PC.

This system is so versatile and user friendly (self explanatory) that anyone, even with no experience at all can begin to build a professional Ecommerce web site immediately (and NOT with common, restricted & overused templates).    Being able to "do it yourself," fine tune your site and make detailed adjustments & updates anytime from anywhere saves you a huge amount in development time and costs.   As the leader in the field, it is continually developed and improved (though you never pay extra for the updates).

After seeing the convenience and economy of this system, even those experienced in HTML, JAVA, etc. (not needing all the programing provided here) choose this service over others.   It's just a matter of checking it out and comparing.  

You can start building a web site right away and try out our system at No Cost or obligation for one month.   Just let us know if you'd like to and we'll provide you access.

Set-Up (and Construction) Fees:

$ 0.00   (Nothing)   for a "do it yourself" - building the site yourself WITH the help of our Full Time Tech Support (8:00 AM to 5:00 PM M-F & 8:00 AM to Noon Saturdays, MTN).

$50 per page when we build the Web Site for you. (This depends somewhat on the size and complexity of the pages.)

$75 for a "Small Shop" Site. -- A one (or a few) page(s) informational site - mainly for people with a simple service or just one or a few products, or information for sale, where regular changes would not be necessary.   We construct and maintain this site for you.

Software and Service Fees with Hosting:

$27 per month - Flat Rate, Complete, Total - No per anything fees added.
(When paying for at least 3 months (quarterly), otherwise $32 / month.)

Which includes:
All the Programming - Design, Construction, E-Commerce, Promotion and Administration utilities:   EZ Page Builder, Shopping Cart, Catalog, Order Form, Automatic Bookkeeping / Accounting, Email Notification, Calendar, Daily Counter on every page, Bulletin Board, Mailing Lists, File Manager, Site Search & Product Search, Dealer Locator, Graphics-Button Builder, File Backup, Global (every page) Information Builder, Link and Search Engine Tools, EZ-Audio, Hosting and more.

200 Email Accounts.

350 MB of disk storage space.   (Much more than most need - 100 average pages takes up about 40 MB.)

$6.50 per month for a "Small Shop" site - one or a few informational pages which we maintain and make any changes for you.

For any Questions or Requests, or if you would like to TRY OUT our system & services at NO COST or OBLIGATION, simply contact us through the information or "Contact Form" at the bottom of any page.