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The main purpose for this board is to establish a place where people can inform others of items or services that they are in need of, or that they can provide (for a fee or for free), to more effectively get people together who have things they don't need anymore with people who could use those things, as well as for promoting a business, posting job openings or work wanted.

This will be most helpful to those in close proximity to each other and is directed mostly towards those in and around Southern Wisconsin and Northern Illinois.

The idea of this was mainly to help church members in the Milwaukee area get together, though is open to anyone.

We encourage area businesses and professionals as well as individuals to list their services or products to help everyone be more aware of what others have available.

For privacy or security concerns individuals need not leave their real names, but only an anonymous email address, or an alias.

As this is new there are only a few example posts as of (1/16/2002).

You will be able to pick the category that you have an interest in, or you can search for a particular topic using keywords with a "Search" Window.