About Cooked Food:

"It can be said that the greatest single cause of degeneration in man is the use of fire in the preparation of foods."
-- Arnold De Vries, The Fountain Of Youth

"Your food determines in a large measure how long you shall live -- how much you shall enjoy life, and how successful your life shall be."
-- Dr. Kirschner, Live Food Juices

"No matter from which angle we view health and disease, we cannot escape from being entangled in the conclusion that intractable disease is as old as cookery. Disease and cookery originated simultaneously." -- Dr. Edward Howell, Enzyme Nutrition

"Why all this cooking when there is really no cook like old Sol? Cooked food is dead food - and remember, the whiter the bread, the sooner we are dead! Every attempt to improve on natural food must prove a failure, and Nature will react at first acutely to any interference with her beneficent laws of health. And if we continue to disobey her laws by drugs or even surgery, the symptoms may disappear for a while only to reappear in chronic or fatal diseases .... Man is the only creature that cooks his food, and he is more subject to disease than any wild creature that dines on unfired food. Tradition, gluttony and increasing desire for strong stimulants have caused man to prefer cooked food, which has seriously weakened his digestive organs. This is because cooked food can be swallowed so easily without chewing, whereas thorough mastication is essential to good health."
-- Dugald Semple, The Sunfood Way To Health

The following is from: The Sunfood Diet Success System -- by David Wolfe

"Do you know the power of getting energy solely from plants? Every whole plant food is a symphony. The absorption and organization of Sunlight, the essence of life, takes place primarily in plants. The organs of the plant are therefore a kind of biological accumulation of Sun energy. Eating plant foods transfers the vital Sun energy directly to you, undiminished.

Cooking alters organic molecules. When those molecules are ingested, they become part of the tissues. Thus cooking alters the tissues at a fundamental level.

When food is cooked it always becomes less than it was before, never more. Fire is a destroyer; it never creates anything.

A cooked seed will not grow. Cooked food has no life-force energy. Cooked food has no spiritual energy.

Cooked food is dense. It leaves a toxic ash, or residue in the body after it has been processed as fuel. Over years and decades, this debris accumulates in the form of mucus and is deposited throughout the tissues. Eventually, the toxins reach a crisis level and clog and poison the system leading to heart attacks, strokes, and cancer. Disease arises out of the toxic residues left by cooked foods.

People on a standard cooked-food diet go through life in a weakened condition with their vitality much below par, but they are not aware of this because they have never known anything different. They have no reason to believe their vitality and health are not what they should be. They cannot miss what they never had. People are falling day by day to weaker levels, while believing they are attaining a high standard of living.

The nutritional properties of foods are degraded by the process of cooking. Heating converts foods into foreign substances which become harmful. Just like tobacco smoke, or brewed alcohol, these substances have no connection with the body's natural needs.

Eating cooked and processed foods makes one groggy, affects moods, lowers one's level of awareness, and interferes with the body's optimal vitality. A poor diet results in toxic residues that have a long-range effect on longevity.

The digestion of cooked food takes more energy from the body than any other activity. You could run a marathon and still be walking and talking. However, an hour after a Thanksgiving dinner, guess what? ... you are asleep!

After many years of careful study and investigation on the subject, I am convinced that the "the great change" which came over humankind occurred when humans took the power of fire into their own hands and began experimenting with eating cooked food.

Raw nutrition attunes you to the forces that surround us, permeate through our bodies, and that make up the essence of our existence. When you eat raw plant foods, your instincts become stronger. Your intuition becomes more reliable -- clearer -- and decision-making becomes effortless. I literally feel as if I have not make a bad decision in years; I go with my intuition every time; I have learned the only thing we have which is not an illusion is our intuition.

Cooked food is addictive (there really is no softer way to describe it). An addiction is a desire for a substance that has no connection with the true desires of the body. Eating cooked food has all the marks of a physio-chemical addiction. This is a strong statement, but I think, as you experiment with eating more and more raw plant foods, you will find an interesting truth in it. People are not truly attached to many of the cooked foods they eat. They eat them for flavor or fun. [When people talk about food, it is almost always about how good it tastes]

Cooked Food And The Environment

The cooking of food is by far the biggest waste of resources on planet earth. Viktoras Kulvinskas, in his classic book Survival Into The 21st Century, reports that cooking destroys 85% of the value of food. When I first realized this, I was staggered. But I did not understand the full implication of this fact. You see, if 85% of the food value is destroyed in cooking, then also destroyed are 85% of the time, labor, resources and energy which went into creating the foods. So this idea of eating raw plant food impacts all agriculture, all business, all the economies of the world, all politics.

Massive abundance is the true law of life. There is no shortage of food on Earth! . . . . . . There is an infinite amount of food on this planet!

When I was a student at the University of San Diego, I had a job in customer service at the campus bookstore. One day a nun came up to my counter and we began talking. She described her recent trip to Haiti. Apparently, each year she had been spending at least 3 months in Haiti helping the impoverished children. She told me that Haiti had been deforested decades before. I asked her how that happened, expecting the answer to be overgrazing, or too much wood demand for building homes and shelters. Actually, neither was the case. She told me that Haiti had been deforested because the wood was being used for cooking! [ Destroying forests - to destroy food - to destroy our bodies, while wasting massive amounts of time, money and other resources in the process, as well. What a disaster. ]

Most people who live in first world countries with gas stoves and electrical ovens have no idea that the other 90% of the planet is cooking with wood. Cooking is a major reason for deforestation. In Africa, the tropical forests of the mountain gorilla are being cut and cleared for cooking wood. Similar tragedies are happening on nearly every continent.

If we pollute the planet after we eat with food packaging, then we truly are not living in harmony with the Earth. Eating raw fruits, vegetables, and other plant foods is the solution to world pollution. Landfills are filled with products directly or indirectly related to cooked and processed foods, such as: packaging, wrappers, bags, old stoves, microwaves, etc. One of the most startling revelations I experienced on this diet-path was that I stopped producing trash! My life has become more harmonious with the Earth."
-- David Wolfe, The Sunfood Diet Success System

Overcoming Disease

"Every living organism is vibrating at a certain metabolic level. If the enternal energy of the organism drops below a certain level, then the immune system is compromised. Illness is an energy crisis in the body -- the body no longer has enough energy to hold together its integrity. Purifying the body through a balanced raw-food diet raises the energy vibration, thus increasing the immune system.

Chronic disease has one true cause: toxemia. Toxemia is an accumulation of spiritual, emotional, mental and physical waste, mucus and various residues in the organism.

To combat disease by attempting to destroy germs is folly. Germs are found everywhere; they enter and exit the body all the time, every day. They co-exist symbiotically with the human body. Only when the human body is toxic, do germs become threatening. As the saying goes, "The microbe is nothing, the terrain is everything."

Chemical drugs and medicines do not heal, they only cause harm. All chemical drugs and medicines, with the exception of aspirin, have been (and still are) tested on innocent animals. Remember the foundational law? Things produce after their own kind. The torture and suffering of animals in useless attempts to find cures for diseases does no good, actually it can only do bad -- it only produces more of lits own kind: more torture and suffering . . . . . more disease.

True theraputics involves releasing the power within each person to heal. It is not the disease which must be stopped, but lthe poisoning of the body by an unhealthy lifestyle. For a complete healing to take place, the body must experience: laughter, joy, excellent nourshment, and a newfound desire to learn and keep the mind active.

Relaxation is also a factor in overcoming disease. More people die on Monday morning than on any other day of the week or at any other time. Stress accelerates illness as it causes the eliminative organs and the muscular system to constrict and hold onto toxicity and metabolic waste. A proper diet will help immensely as certain foods (such as green-leafy vegetables) help to open up constricted muscles and certain other foods (such as juicy fruits) help to flush out the toxicity. "
-- David Wolfe, The Sunfood Diet Success System



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