Customer Testimonials

I have used other web builders (Homestead recently) and find your EZ-NETTOOLS much easier to use and more versatile as well - it is possible to do more things. I have also been able to get much more accomplished in less time. It takes less time to figure out how to do things.   Thanks.

Denise L.

[Email to Web Sites Plus]

I have to tell you I am THRILLED with this site (your system). It's the best! And I've checked out more than I can count! I have transferred one domain name, …. ….. I also sent an order through to test and was very pleasantly surprised by the e-mail notification. Thank you!! This is very much a time saver for me.


…. I'll be happy to give you a testimonial. I'll send it separately. …. …. the system is unbeatable so far. I wish I had found this one before I wasted so much time elsewhere. Oh well, I won in the end!!"

[Testimonial received later:]

I have looked a long time for the perfect website. I found it with WSP (Web Sites Plus). With WSP I have a large variety of choices to change the look and feel of my site at a touch of a button. I truly believe there is no easier or faster way of building an E-commerce website, and the cost is unbelievable! Questions? The excellent technical support is always there to help. If you've been searching for that "perfect" site, look no further. This is it!
Thanks, Bob!
Beth M.
Wholesale Market Service

[Another email later:]

I'm not very familiar with html language.   Bits and pieces.   You, however sure seem to know your way around.   I'm learning slowly.   And I meant what I said in the "testimonial".   If anyone asks, you'll get a rave review!   … … Here goes with the linking!
    : )

I have been using an internet since before there was 'the internet', am well versed and experienced with HTML and some JAVA and am familiar with many Web Site Hosting services.   I still chose the services of Web Sites Plus for the ease of use and time saving benefits of their utilities as well as their lower cost.   They won hands down.   Other low cost Hosting services don't have such useful utilities and just start with a low basic monthly fee and then nickle and dime you to death with extra fees on usage.   Thanks.

Jim H.
Fall 1999

"We have been up and running on the web for a number of months now and for a small company we didn’t have the time to learn HTML or the web language. We found that with your system, all we needed to do was point and click -- and away we went into the 21st century.

When we had a question or problem, all we did was call and the great support staff talked us through it. Thanks!"

Joe B
"I would like to thank you for assisting our company in developing our web site and continued support with upgrading. We have been seeing a steady increase in the number of daily hits and more important the time the person is spending on our site. We have a growing e-mail list requesting updates and catalog information. We will now begin a mail order catalog to compliment our web site. Your Company takes the time and effort to assist a novice, thank you. We have a long ways to go and we are looking forward to the challenge."

Roger F
"The catalog program in your system is very easy to use and when I have a question or problem, I can just call technical support and they help me out. The thing I like most about working with your company is that they have a very user-friendly program -- and staff. I have learned a lot working with your company and am the first person to recommend them for Internet business services."

Devri R
Communications Manager
"For some time I have been trying to establish a business web site for my medical and surgical practice. I had previously hired and outside web development company to design one for me. The main drawback was that any time I wanted to add additional changes or modify graphics, I had to have that done for me. Deciding to sign up with your company was a significant step in the right direction for me. After spending only 1 - 2 hours with a knowledgeable representative, I was able to design and input web pages into my web site with relative ease. And all without having to learn HTML. I actually look forward now to maintaining and adding to my web site on a regular basis. I would highly recommend this service to anyone looking to establish a personal or business web site."


Dr. Bruce T
"With EZ-Page Builder, I now can go in and add new pages, make changes, add new pictures, change prices, and have specials -- just about anything I want to do with my own web site. The program is very simple, and if you have any computer knowledge, I do not feel there would be any limit to what one can do with their own web site. I want to thank your company for making my web site business grow and be what it is today..."

Susan C
Owner -- D&S Enterprise
"At last I found your company! From the start I was impressed by your enthusiastic, friendly, and welcoming approach. You introduced me to the excellent concept of "hostware." Hostware enabled me to set up an order form and good humour.

Great Service, thank you!
Allan K
Director 11