The phrase “drug problem” conjures up visions of furtive transactions on dark street corners in the dead of night. 

But the country’s biggest drug problem is the rampant use of “legal” (though many shouldn’t be!) drugs dispensed by your friendly neighborhood pharmacist at the direction of your doctor. 

·        According to a study in September 2000 issue of the prestigious Prescription Drug Trends, 12 new prescriptions are written every year for every person in the U.S.  Now, this is an average – not everyone takes 12 different medications.  Many people take fewer . . . but many take more! 

·        Almost a quarter million people (243,000) are hospitalized each year because of prescription drug reactions. 

·        Drug use has extended to our children.  Three Billion prescriptions were filled last year - an average of one prescription, every single month, for each man, woman and child in the U.S. 

·        The sad tragedy is that we are spending all of this money on disease management focused on drugs and our return on this investment is profoundly poor. 

·        Prescription drugs are the third leading cause of death in the U.S.  According to a study reported in U.S. News & World Report, there are four hundred deaths each day from the side effects of prescription medicines. 

·        Each year approximately 61,000 Americans over age 50 contract Parkinson’s Syndrome as a side effect of prescription anti-psychotics like Stelazine or Haldol.  Another 32,000 suffer hip fractures because of drug-induced falls.  And 163,000 more suffer drug-induced memory loss or impaired thinking.  Add in younger patients and the numbers become even more disturbing!

·        A surprising percentage of memory problems, including Alzheimer’s and Dementia are caused by three unlikely culprits.  The first is a water deficiency, the second is a low cholesterol level, and the third is little-understood interactions between prescription drugs.  This third cause is of concern to anyone who takes two of more prescriptions.  If you take three or more, your chance of an interaction skyrockets.  

·        Many, if not most Congestive Heart Failure sufferers make their condition worse by taking prescription drugs.  That’s because blood pressure and other cardiac drugs are designed to suppress the heart’s muscular action – exactly what the already weakened heart muscle doesn’t need! 


Hopefully, you now understand why I consider Prescription drugs a last resort rather than the starting point for treatment.  Sometimes pharmaceuticals are necessary, but phyto-nutrient complexes – can often do the job and without the risk of dangerous side effects.  And phyto-nutrient complexes can be safely used in conjunction with drug therapy until the need for drugs is reduced or eliminated. 


I told you where phyto-nutrient complexes come from, how they work, and why you cannot get them at your local health food store or vitamin shop. 


Now . . .  what may well be the most pernicious health-destroying misunderstanding in America - -


Everyday Drugs – Everyday Dangers: 


Most people reason, “if they weren’t safe, the government wouldn’t allow them to be sold.”


Even though they don’t require a prescription, these drugs are still just that – drugs.  And they have side effects (many just being discovered) that pose real dangers to your health.  For example: 


·        TV ads would have you believe that an aspirin a day can save your life by reducing your chances of a heart attack or stroke.  Although aspirin may (make you feel a little better and) slightly reduce the chances of one type of stroke, it increases the likelihood of another! 

·        Antacids can cause or exacerbate osteoporosis by neutralizing the stomach acid your body needs to digest the calcium and other minerals that protect your bones (- - as well as cause more stomach problems). 

·        New research shows that Tylenol (acetaminophen) taken with just three alcoholic drinks can lead to liver disease – or even liver failure – necessitating a liver transplant! 

·        Give certain over the counter pain killers to children with chickenpox and it takes longer for the sores to heal. 

·        Researchers at Harvard say that the trans-fatty acids in margarine cause more than 30,000 Americans to die of heart disease every year. 

·        Women who eliminate caffeine from their diet dramatically lower their risk of fibrocystic breast disease. 

·        The low-fat, zero-cholesterol concoctions that are an integral part of these diets are loaded with trans-fats which oxidize in the body.  And research shows that oxidation of fats can cause cancer. 

·        Low-fat diets are extremely low in fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E, F, and K – the very nutrients you need to maintain a healthy heart and circulatory system. 



 . . .  As weight increases, good cholesterol levels drop, triglyceride levels rise and insulin levels increase.  This process, if left unchecked, is the exact prescription for thickening blood vessels, which choke off blood flow and eventually result in permanent heart damage. 



In its January 3, 2002 issue, The New England Journal of Medicine  confirms that the human heart has the power to heal itself.  We’ve known for years that of all the organs in the human body, the heart is the most responsive to nutritional changes.  Deny it the proper nutrients and it deteriorates, often in ways that medical tests can’t detect. 


 . . . if you supply the heart with the nutrients it needs it can repair damage caused by years of neglect and abuse. 


 . . .  The vitamin that causes the heart to return to normal is vitamin B4.  But you won’t find it in your local supermarket, drugstore, vitamin shop, or health food store – not even in a B vitamin “complex” that claims to be “complete.”  



(7) The Truth about Vitamins and Supplements: 


Phytonutrient complexes are completely unlike the vitamins and supplements sold in stores, even those that claim to be made from whole foods.  That's because although these products may start out as real food, by the time they make their way to market, they're anything but.


Manufacturers use an industrial process called fractionating to split a food into its separate nutritional components. These isolated nutrients are then re-combined in pill form and sold as "natural."  But by their very nature, these products are totally unnatural. Once you fraction out an isolated nutrient, you've created a chemical. More importantly, these products are inherently incomplete. The human body utilizes nutrients in conjunction with one another.

Phytonutrient complexes contain a combination of all the ingredients found in nature, rather than just, the so Balled "active ingredients" the manufacturers decide to put in their pills.  


For example, most people think that beta-carotene is a critical antioxidant that needs to be in their vitamin pill. Yet beta-carotene is really only one of hundreds of carotenes found naturally in foods. When one is fractionated away from the others, the resulting compound fails to work as intended. In fact, new research shows that high doses of synthetic beta-carotene make certain types of cancer worse.


Taking high dosages of the synthetic or fractionated beta-carotene and other antioxidants commonly sold in stores can result in impaired immunity, the exact opposite of what you're trying to achieve!  Compounding the problem is that store-bought nutritional products lack the coenzymes and trace minerals that are necessary for the body to absorb the nutrients.  In past issues of Health Alert, I warned readers that almost all store-bought vitamins are concocted in a laboratory, like: 


• vitamin B-1 2 made from activated sewage sludge

• vitamin D concocted from irradiated oil

* vitamin E straight from the labs at Eastman Kodak 


Store-bought supplements are relatively easy and inexpensive to make.  Phytonutrient complexes, on the other hand, utilize a patented time-consuming process that ensures the finished product retains the live nutritional value of the raw materials. 


(5) Alzheimers’s, Memory, Mental and Emotional Problems:


A disturbing percentage of mental and emotional problems are bio-chemically induced by an inadequate supply of the phytonutrient vitamin B complex and Omega-3 fats, both of which are nearly non-existent in the typical low-fat diet. 


I have seen people who had been institutionalized for schizophrenia discharged after 90 days- of phytonutrient vitamin B complex and Omegas supplementation.  


Although both vitamin B and Omega-3 fats are crucial for mental health, the Omega-3 problem in this country has become particularly alarming. Omega-3 fats are found primarily in fish and flax oil, neither of which Americans consume in sufficient quantities.  Instead; we load up on Omega-6 fats, which are found in vegetable oils. And since processed foods are made with vegetable oil, we get tons of Omega-6 oil on a daily basis.  And there's the rub. Omega-6 oil is as bad for your health (both physical and mental) as Omega-3 oil is good.  The ratio in your diet should be no more than six parts Omega-6 to one part Omega-3. Unfortunately, in the typical American diet, the ratio is more like 20, 30, or even 100 to 1 ! And things don't get any better in a low-fat diet.

So if you or someone you know is having mental or emotional problems, check your diet before you embark on a lifetime of Prozac, Zoloft, Paxal, lithium, or any of the other mind-altering drugs.  None of them is designed the address the underlying problem. 



(8) Doctors’ Little Secret: 


“If phytonutrient complexes are so good, why doesn't my doctor prescribe them?" 


It's an open secret in the medical community that doctors routinely prescribe drugs for their patients that they themselves don't take.  In fact, most doctors absolutely hate taking prescription drugs because they know all too well the dangerous side effects of these powerful chemicals. 


Instead, doctors are taking more and more phytonutrient complexes for all the reasons explained in these pages. But they aren't prescribing them for you! No, it's not some sinister conspiracy. Most doctors sincerely want to do what's best for their patients. Their reluctance to pre-scribe phytonutrient complexes for you is based on several factors. 


For starters, HMOs and insurance companies won't pay for them, even in cases where there's ample evidence that they’re far superior to their pharmaceutical counterparts. 


And doctors only know what they have been taught in medical school.  That is “drugs and surgery for everything, and nothing but drugs and surgery for anything.” 


(9) Diabetes:

Diabetes is the fastest-growing disease in America, affecting an estimated 17 million people and costing $98 billion. And many sufferers don't even know they have it.  Even worse, most people (and their doctors) don't have a clue why they have it. And if you don't know what's causing a medical problem, you can't even begin to solve it.  Instead, you usually end up trying to deal with the symptoms a futile task that frequently makes matters worse.


Although diabetes has been around for centuries, it didn't really affect a significant segment of the population until the early 1900s. That was when a certain kind of sugar found its way into America’s food chain.  Amazingly, this happened over the objections of the Food and Drug Administration, whose scientists knew that in lab tests on animals, this sugar routinely causes diabetes!  


(10) Cancer:

Tiny Specks of Life may hold the Secret to A Cure for People with Cancer


You can't see them with an ordinary microscope, but they're there, affecting your health in ways we're only just beginning to understand. They're called protomorphogens (PMGs for shorts and they're perhaps best thought of as the mineral skeletons on which chromosomes are developed. 


Although we don't yet know exactly how PMGs work, we do know two important things about them. First, we're certain that they're tissue specific. In other words, each tissue produces its own protomorphogens. There's one type of PMG found in the liver, another in the lungs, etc.


More importantly, new research suggests that PMGs may hold the key to beating cancer. To understand why, we have to begin by recognizing one simple truth...

Conventional Treatments Can't Cure Cancer!


If you or a loved one has cancer, your doctor will undoubtedly recommend chemotherapy, radiation or surgery, either individually or in combination. While these treatments may buy time, none of them actually cures the disease. Only the body itself can vanquish this deadly disease. And that's where PMGs come into play. 


When a gland or organ is affected by disease, the body's production of PMAGs changes-: These tiny specks of life kick into high gear and control the healing process by regulating the production of antibodies. With cancer, the PMG blueprint is altered and cell reproduction goes on uncontrolled, resulting in ever-expanding cancerous growth.  


But when you supplement the body's natural PMGs with additional protomorphogens of the same organ as the cancerous organ, the runaway cell growth slows and even stops. The affected organ can begin to recover, heal and function normally. 


This is obviously a simplified explanation of an extremely complex healing process. You'll find a more detailed explanation in Natures Miracle Cancer Cure, part of your free Quick-Reference Natural Healing Library.


That report also explains where you can get a reliable supply of PMGs (As you've probably already guessed, looking for something as sophisticated as protomorphogens at a health food store is about as futile as trying to buy an electron microscope at a toy store.) 


Cancer’s Achilles Heel: 


PMGs, like all things in the body, don’t work alone.  Their potency depends on fat.  . . . fat, the substance that an alarming number of health “experts” are urging you to eliminate from your daily diet. 


Fat makes up the phospholipid wrapper that protects the PMG as well as all of your body's chromosomes. Eliminate the fat and the PMG can't do its job correctly. In fact, the fastest way to get cancer is to stop eating fat! If you have cancer, the fastest way to lose the battle is to go on a low-fat diet. 


If you or a loved one has cancer, the right diet is crucially important.  A variation of the Mediterranean Diet would well serve many people. 


What you won't find in the Mediterranean Diet is an abundance of sugar (glucose).

Cancer cells are incredible sugar junkies, often self-destructing when deprived of glucose. New studies prove that glucose elimination is the Achilles' heel of cancer cells. [Source: Shim, H. & Dang, C. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, Vol. 95, pp. 1511-16.]


So, if you or a loved one has cancer (or would like to ensure you don't get it) radically reduce the amount of sugar in your diet and start taking PMGs.


By the way, in all of North America there's only one reliable supplier of PMGs in pill form.


(18) About Indigestion:


The term "indigestion" is frequently used to mean a wide range of conditions involving the digestive system. These include heartburn, reflux, diarrhea, constipation, diverticulitis, irritable bowel syndrome, colitis, Crohn's disease, and leaky gut syndrome.


Virtually all of the conventional medical treatments for these conditions focus on controlling, the symptoms, rather than correcting the underlying cause.  Antacids are perhaps the most common self-help treatment people resort to.  More than 50 million pills are ingested daily.  Yet research shows that too little stomach acid is usually the culprit, not too much.  Reducing stomach acid even further with antacids just makes the problem worse.  And as the stomach produces less acid, the pancreas produces less digestive enzymes. The end result is that food remains undigested in your digestive tract, starting a vicious cycle of pain and deteriorating health. 


The undigested food begins to rot or ferment.  This process attracts water from the body into the intestines, like a sponge, producing gas and a variety of caustic acids that at first irritate then damage and eventually destroy delicate intestinal linings.


This process can cause alternating bouts of diarrhea and constipation as your body desperately tries to reach a state of equilibrium. While these might be uncomfortable or  inconvenient; they're nowhere near as dangerous as autointoxication, the process whereby your body absorbs the toxins produced in your gut as undigested food ferments.


These toxins can_ trigger a wide range of seemingly unrelated illnesses, from kidney

stones and gallbladder disease to chronic fatigue, memory loss and even cancer. Studies

show that roughly half of the American population suffers, in varying degrees, from intestinal malabsorption.  Further, studies reveal that lowered stomach acid elevates your risk

for osteoporosis. Without proper stomach acid, the body simply cannot absorb the calcium it

needs to keep bones healthy.  


The key to a cure isn't taking antacids or prescription drugs by the bucketful. The way to get well is to treat the underlying cause of the poor digestion.  This inevitably results in the reversal of other conditions caused by poor digestion.   Most doctors fail to make this connection. 


(19) Arthritis: 


I find it interesting that arthritis is a modern disease.  The Maori people about 250 years ago were arthritis free – until they were introduced to a modern diet. 




In short order the Maori’s health started to decline.  Their strong, muscular bodies became softer, life spans shortened, tooth decay and arthritis became rampant. 


Research by Francis Marion Pottenger, MD and Weston Price, DDS proved the change of diet was the culprit.  They came to the conclusion that there was an inextricable link between modern diet and arthritis. 


This is just one of many studies that dispel the notion that arthritis is a “wear and tear” disease.  It’s not.  Arthritis is a food disease.  That’s because modern foods don’t contain the enzymes and nutrients your body needs to repair joint damage and prevent deterioration. 

What You Donut Know About Cholesterol Could Kill You:

Much of what we "know" about cholesterol is just plain wrong! For example, a story in a recent issue one of the weekly news magazines begins by telling readers that "cholesterol level is a key determinant of risk for heart and blood vessel disease." It then goes on to suggest that "powerful cholesterol-reducing drugs (statins) can dramatically cut this risk."

Directly across from this story (which appeared in a special advertising section) is an ad for, you guessed it, one of those "powerful cholesterol-reducing drugs." The drug industry has been engaged in a relentless marketing campaign to convince more and more people they need to take statins.

These drugs are now routinely prescribed for people with no history of coronary artery disease – about 65 million potential candidates. Yet, only about 3 million Americans really need these toxic drugs. The rest of us should do just fine with exercise, a Mediterranean diet and a daily tablespoon of raw flax oil.

Despite what the drug companies would have l you believe, high cholesterol is not a reliable heart attack indicator. In fact, more than 50% of all heart attack patients have normal or low cholesterol levels.

And as I pointed out in a recent issue of Health Alert, if you’re over 70, altering your cholesterol level can be dangerous.

Ironically, so much attention has been focused on cholesterol that the medical community has overlooked a genuinely reliable heart attack predictor. It's called C-Reactive Protein (CRP for short) and it's produced in the liver. A high CRP level is a dangerous cardiac sign all by itself. But when it's present in conjunction with three other indicators, it-means you're 4 to 8 times more likely to have a heart attack!


- Dr. Bruce West 


Other Valuable Information:




A new study published in the journal "Environmental Health Perspectives" has found that the poultry industry's

excessive use of drugs in raising chickens has increased arsenic levels in chicken meat and farm runoff to dangerous levels. 



Once upon a time (okay, to be specific, it was 1999), a Mississippi soybean farmer named Holan McFarling purchased genetically engineered soybean seeds from the Monsanto Corporation to grow his crops. When making the purchase, the farmer signed a complex agreement with the corporation (as all GE farmers are forced to do), stating that he would not save seed from that year's harvest, but instead would pay the corporation again the next year for more seed. Due to the lack of foreign interest in GE soybeans, prices fell dramatically that year, and farmers lost money. Financially broke, McFarling secretly saved seed from his harvest so that he could afford growing crops again. The corporation discovered what the farmer had done and brought him to court.

Here comes the shocker: The small print in the agreement between the farmer and the corporation stated that if the farmer breaches the contract, he owes 120 times the actual cost of the seeds to the Monsanto Corporation. As a result, in 2002 the multi billion dollar Monsanto Corporation successfully sued small family farmer McFarling for $780,000.

Happy Ending: Last week, a Federal appeals court ruled that Monsanto's demands for financial reparations from McFarling are far too excessive. A revised fine has not yet been set.

Not So Happy Ending: In a similar case in Tennessee, Monsanto put cotton farmer (Kem Ralph) in prison for eight months for saving seeds (farmers have done this for thousands of years all over the world).  In addition to the prison sentence, the small family farmer is being forced to pay $1.7 million in damages to Monsanto, despite the fact that the seeds in question actually cost a tiny fraction of that.

Moral of the Story: Join OCA's "Millions Against Monsanto" campaign -


From Dr. Marcus Laux -


There is only ONE reason you get sick. 


If each cell of your body is healthy, no disease can harm you.  This is a fact – not a theory anymore.  All illness from cancer to colds is the result of malfunctioning cells.  Why do cells malfunction?  It took me many years to confirm two very simple answers to this question.  like my colleagues, I often found myself trapped inside a box of conventional "symptom-hunting" that made it difficult to make a breakthrough. 



The “front lines” of disease are the cells.  Healthy cells repel disease. The concept is centuries old, but we are finally seeing it validated.  A cell malfunctions when either,

(a) it doesn't get what it needs, or

(b) it gets too much of something it doesn't want.

What almost killed my dad, I realized, was toxic excess, at the cell level-his cells were simply poisoned by the heart drugs he was on.  His almost instantaneous recovery when I stopped his medications was proof of this.  His cells had been poisoned.  Once the poison was removed, his cells rebounded to health rapidly on their own


What's more, I realized many other chronic conditions could be described as a cell-deficiency. Your cells simply need something. 


Stress, for example, depletes your body of certain vital nutrients.  So the cell malfunctions and then . . . one day . . . you find yourself on allergy drugs . . . or heart drugs . . . or in surgery for cancer. 


You may be "treated" for any one of a dozen diseases, but all diseases have one of two causes - deficiency or excess that trip your cells into malfunctioning. 


The real shock, though, was when I began to apply this theory in real life.  The results were

so immediate, they seemed like miracles! 


Listen to what Bob Kazmirski, a patient of mine, wrote to me in his own words: 


“The first time I met Dr. Laux, it took me 10 minutes to walk from his waiting room into his office, a distance of just 25 feet.  My arthritis had gotten so bad I couldn't turn a key, drive a car, or walk without a cane. 


Within 3 weeks, arthritis pain that crippled me for years was gone.  I now have full mobility without pain.  My joints and fingers look and feel almost like new.  For exercise, I split wood in my back yard!  Thanks, Doc!”



Many have unacceptable side effects, are addictive, high cost, symptom-based, or toxic at most dose levels. 


1. Statins:  muscle-wasting, liver toxicity are constant dangers.

2. Arthritis drugs:  inhibition of prostaglandins simply causes new side effects. 

3. HRT:  high cancer, heart disease, dementia risks.

4. Aspirin:  aggravation of G.I. tract, ulcers with extended use.

5. Bypass surgery:  arteries begin to close up again within weeks.  Repetitive surgery is  

    highly dangerous. 

6. Botox:  look as smooth and sand blasted as an Easter Island statue.

7. Antacids :  endanger proper digestion.

8. Laser eye surgery:  Not "riskfree."  One in 10 fail.  Damage is usually irreversible.

9. Hypertension drugs:  symptomchasing drugs with extremely dangerous side effects. Leach

    the body of CoQ10, potassium, zinc, magnesium, calcium.

10. Diet aids:  usually make you lose weight temporarily by making your system sick. 




If arthritis is the result of your joints “wearing out,” how could Bob Kazmirski recover so fast? 


His recovery was no miracle!  Bob's cells were simply profoundly malfunctioning.  They had become inflamed at the joints because they were poisoned.  I've seen it time and time again.  For example, antibiotics can so upset the natural balance of micro-organisms in your body that small, local yeast infections can flare up.  Your cells, poisoned by yeast, become inflamed – they try to cushion themselves with fluid that creates agony in your joints.  Doctors can "get rid of" the symptoms with aspirin, ibuprofen, and COX-2 inhibitors.  But the true cause may often be a malfunctioning cell-system that's trying to deal with a toxin.  


If you suffer from arthritis this is great news because... the solution is stunningly simple and the result almost instantaneous!  Just by cleaning out the toxins in your cells, pain is banished and the joint recovers. 


In Bob's case, we rebuilt his immune system and activated his body's natural healing power.  Within three weeks the pain that had crippled him for years was gone!  And Bob threw away his cane! 




Listen, my friend:  Our cells are in poor shape.  They totter under a toxic load of medicines, un-nutritious food, and daily stress.  They cry out for medicines that aren’t foreign to the cell-system, for food that is truly restorative, and for even momentary relief from the “storm” of modern life. 



The Great Vitamin Ripoff


Here's what I've discovered – very few supplements work – in a mighty haystack of worthless rubbish).


More than half the vitamins, herbs, and supplements my team has researched:

  • do not dissolve quickly enough in the body to be of any use at all. 
  • contain cheap ingredients that have only marginal effectiveness. 
  • do not even contain the ingredients listed on the label! 
  • are toxic - with high levels of pesticides, impure materials, or, worse yet, they've been irradiated or are contaminated by lead, mercury, or germs. 
  • are made of synthetics that the body doesn't recognize.
  • are unstable - meaning that, by the time they reach you they've become useless.
  • are packed full of inactive ingredients that just increase the manufacturer's profit but do nothing for you, or  
  • are based on junk science, and have no solid proof for their claims.   


In some instances, NINE OUT OF TEN of the herbal remedies or targeted supplements we've researched turned out to be actually toxic or useless.  


This is outrageous!  In our attempts to protect ourselves from the poisonous effects of drugs, we've thrown ourselves into the arms of a greedy, unscrupulous supplement suppliers


We take our health into our own hands, only to discover we've been conned, duped, and swindled just as thoroughly as the drug companies have conned, duped, and swindled us!


And one of the great revolutions in modern times – the health care revolution, has been compromised and seriously undermined.


 - Dr. Marcus Laux



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Organic Consumers Association - A premier site for information on our food supply today and what the large food producers & wholesalers are doing to essentially poison us while focusing almost entirely on widening their profit margins (instead of simply working to provide good "nutritious" food - crops).


Health Reports: Effective Treatment for Cancer, Aging, more:


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