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Note: This page was started in the Fall of 1999 when most of these programs were getting started. They started out looking real good and though most offer good deals still, many of the programs don't operate now as they started out and the earning potential is not as great as at first expected.

- Sell a little of your space -

Various links below will each take you to a different program that will PAY YOU while you do almost anything on your computer while connected to the internet, if you will just accept some advertising on to your computer screen (or do other activities) - sell a little (mostly unused) space on your monitor - it could pay for a larger screen.   NO COST   to get registered - no catch - advertisers are paying for the exposure.   You go to their site, sign up (each one separately) and follow their instructions on how to receive their "Ad Bar or Banner" (or Pop-Up Windows) or for the other activities that they will pay for. Any of these programs could be used together. You will get (or choose) a member ID and Password and will be able to refer other people - as you get credit for those who you introduce to these programs.

Click Here to GET PAID with "UTOPIAD"
($1177) This is one of the earlier programs & seems to be more publicized. Their web site and other aspects are well done and their Viewbar is available and paying now. Their amount of payout with their View / Ad Bar is not too great, but is expected to improve and they do pay for other things (rebates on purchases, reading emails, etc.) as well.
Click Here for Credit Card Processing:
Make and receive (secure) payments conveniently online (with only an email address) - at NO COST. Great (for anyone) for Buying or Selling anything online through Auctions, Classifieds, etc. Also accept Credit Card payments on your Web Site with No Setup AND No Monthly Fees.
Pay me securely with your Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express card through PayPal!Visa ,MasterCard, Discover, and American Express

"AllCommunity" will be paying for Surfing and Reading Emails
(Est. $1500) A more comprehensive program - paying for many different activities (similar to "Spedia").

Click Here to get paid from "ClickDough"
(Est: $800) - On 5 levels, they pay on 8 levels which could build to considerably more in the long run. Works pretty slick - with a Pop-Up Window so you don't have to download anything to your computer - so you could use it even if you are on a borrowed computer - though - in competition with the use of your cursor.    :(    And it is kinda big and obtrusive.

Get Paid just for getting your start page from "Ignifuge" a useful reference page:
(est. $250) Not a big dollar amount, but you get something everytime you just connect to the internet - opening up to their page (with many useful links and offers) - costs you no extra time or space on your screen - so it works good along with any other program(s) - doesn't compete for space on your screen.

Get $3 just to sign up with Netflip:
Not an AD program that takes up space on your screen so you can employ it along with any others. They pay you different percentages (up to 20%) on purchases, AND they pay for every search you do using their search service.

Particularly for Singles - Get Paid to Date, Chat or search for Dates:
Their plan is to pay 60 cents/hr (using their site & Ad Bar, etc.) - a Dating Service that pays you instead of you paying them.

Meet People Here Too at this Dating Club
Also not a Banner Program - no Ads on your screen - so you can use it along with any others - they simply pay for referrals that join and use their services - and do charge for some of them.

CLICK HERE to sign up with "GetPaid4"
(est: $4,500) - If they follow through and are successful with their plans, this program looks like it will have the most positive aspects and the payout could be as good or better than most. It should be one of the best, was in the #1 position, but looks questionable in certian ways and seems to be having problems showing correctly the referral stats of the members. It's uncertain exactly what the total payout will be for 5 levels down as they pay percentages of their revenue, but they pay for a total of 7 levels which makes them more competitive (particularly in the long run). And they are supposed to pay for up to 75 hours / month (quite a bit more than most other programs). Also, this works with word & data processing type activities as well as in using the Internet (for email, surfing, shopping, chatting, research, etc.)