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The references / links here are additional resources grouped in categories - in order of how you would likely need them if you are creating a (Commercial) Web Site & developing a business on the Internet:  
(1) Web Site Development   (2) Adding Value to Your Site  (3) Registering with Search Engines & Promoting your site.    (4) E-Commerce and Banking Options   (5) Other Valuable Products & Services.   There is a lot of this stuff on the Net - these are a select few of the best.

(1) Web Site Development:

Click Here for Important Guidelines   for designing & optimizing web pages for Search Engine Registration and Ranking. -- to create a Web Site and individual pages that will have a better chance of being recognized by (ie: receive a higher ranking with) the Search Engines.   This (a concise summary of many hours of study and experimentation) will save you a lot of time - especially if you are just starting out developing a web site and have these things in mind as you plan the development of your site.

Here is a CHART of basic HTML codes / tags / scripts, - a simplified, quick reference for about all the HTML that you could need (with our web building system).

Click Here for A Beginner's Guide to HTML

Here also is a good (free) resource site for HTML and Web Site development.

"ZyWeb" Graphics -- At this site you can create your own personalized graphics for your web site - for free. Their unique system requires no graphic or artistic design expertise, and yet allows a near infinite range of high quality text and 3D graphic headings to be produced in seconds. Truly a notch above the rest of the "free graphics" sites on the web. This is an interactive web-based resource and there is no download necessary.

Get help designing a LOGO with - Logo Design   - - High Quality, Low Cost, Logo Design, Stationery Design and Business Printing.

Register a DOMAIN NAME ( .com, .net, .org) with the original registrar - "Network Solutions."

    Domain Registration for $8/year.

And other Handy Tools -- helpful with various activities on the Net.

(2) Adding Value to your Site:
The following Sites help to increase the "Popularity Rating" of your Web Site which helps to raise your "Ranking" with the Search Engines:

"LinkstoYou" -   Here you can create hundreds of links pointing to your site within a couple of months.

"Popularity Links"

Here is a Free For All (FFA) Site:
They help you promote and develop links to your site and enter it in classified Ads, etc.

Click Here for "Multilinks"   -   A site that will place your URL on many other FFA pages, help you build a FFA page on your site and various other functions - to help get it recognized and increase your "popularity".

You can establish "Affiliate Accounts" to be able to earn commissions selling the products and services of hundreds of different Merchants by establishing a single account with either (or both) of the programs here below:

Partner for free with 500 of the Internet's top online merchants!   - to be able to earn commissions selling their products & services from your Web Site - at No Cost to you.

Get an Account with, and a Hypertext Link to over 450 Merchants - all from one source

(3) Search Engine Submission and Promotion Services:

For one of the better resources for effective (unconventional) Marketing Tips, Techniques, Information and Insider Secrets for promoting any business on the Internet CLICK HERE. .

Easy Submit   This is the easiest / quickest to use and could be the best all around.

Learn how to bring FREE, targeted TRAFFIC to your Web Site with WebPosition Gold (tm).

Click Here to go to "INeedHits" --Submit to 29 different search engines - almost all of which are different than the ones WebSiteGarage submits to.

Add Me! Submit your page to 34 popular sites for free, using one form!

This service will advertise your site on eBay and in classifieds and other premium sites & services as well as in the search engines.   -   Probably the best bang for the buck - you should get noticed with this service.   More Information - Outline/summary of their services.

Create a Mailing List here   to more easily stay in touch with and disseminate information to clients, friends, family - easily manage different groups and earn extra cash at the same time (though no-one will spam your lists).

"AddAce" -- another good submission service and helps you keep track of you ranking with the Search Engines. You have to download their program.

Get Your Site Listed on Hundreds of other Sites - Automatically.

Pay Per Click offers pay per click services to enhance web promotion in PPC search engines.
Your pay per click advertising strategy should include bid management by

Website Promotion & Ranking Services :
Engaged in promotion and optimization services with money back guarantee offer.

#1 Website Promotion & Searchengine Optimization (SEO)
Provides low cost website promotion, searchengine optimization and submission services with guaranteed results.

(4) E-Commerce (& Banking) Options:

Pay me securely with your Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express card through PayPal!Visa ,MasterCard, Discover, and American Express

Credit Card Processing with No Monthly Fees
Make and receive (secure) payments conveniently online (with only an email address) - at NO COST.    Great (for anyone) for Buying or Selling anything online through Auctions, Classifieds, etc.   Also accept Credit Cards payments on your Web Site with No Setup AND No Monthly Fees.  

Click Here to Get YOUR OWN E-Commerce Account with "E-Commerce Exchange"
A quick and easy application for a comprehensive account with a veteran (of 10 years) industry leader.

# 1 Affordable Merchant Account Services
Discount Credit Cards Processing Merchant Account Services.

(5) Other Valuable Products and Services:

Place Free Classifieds Here

For High Quality Internet Service (ISP) with No Banner Ads for $1.99 / month Click Here

Pure Potent Organic Plant Nutrition - Highest quality, most pure & nutritious products - direct from plants - at most reasonable prices - for all health concerns.

Learn about Wheat Grass Juice   - likely the best - most complete and potent, pure and natural food source that exists.

To learn about how the US Energy policy is damaging this country, your health and finances, and how you can easily (in 5 min.) help to improve things, Click Here.

For an investment opportunity of a lifetime (for anyone with a little investment capital) check out: International Automated Systems

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