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Good Health - Weight Loss - Disease Prevention, Curing Illness & Injuries - Muscle Building - Increasing Energy

Life changing example, and well done video on importance of FOOD / DIET on HEALTH - Dr. Terry Wahls - "Minding Your Mitochondria"

Prevent & Cure Disease / Illness, (Colds, Flu, Cancer, Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Heart Disease, Arthritis, Osteoporosis, even (possibly) AIDS, etc.) - Slow Aging - Lose Weight - Improve Your Health, Strength & Energy -

The Natural Way
Nature's Way / God's Way - What could be better?

When given the necessary tools (nutrients) to work with, our bodies can defend or cure themselves of most diseases, illness and most injuries.

To a large extent it is possible to forget about many of the common costly and damaging prescription drugs, antibiotics, pain killers, anti-inflammatories, chemotherapy, many surgeries, complicated fad diets and many other wasted resources.

As we learn how the body functions (down to the cell level), what it needs, and WHAT IT CAN DO WHEN IT GETS WHAT IT NEEDS, it becomes increasingly clear that the best way to deal with any health problem or to maintain proper weight, the best health, (and peak performance) is to perfect (or at least improve) our diet. What most people (Americans) consider to be a well balanced diet (even when including a good amount of raw fruits & vegetables) is probably 60% or more deficient in the nutrition they need as well as at least 50% overloaded with damaging junk (fat, starch, sugar, salt, toxic chemicals, anti-biotics, hormones & unnatural genetically engineered substances - called "food"). [Must see video & info: Below, 3rd under References:]

This is all very taxing to the body, leaves it vulnerable to cancer and (all) illnesses and makes it very difficult to maintain proper weight, general good health, energy & youthfulness in later years and certainly shortens life-spans as well.

The diet of most people (referring mainly to North Americans) is so deficient and damaging (and so much more so than they realize) that it is, in fact, the main reason for most health problems. It should therefore, be the main focus of anyone with any health concerns (which should be everyone) -- rather than depending so much on the medical industry -- whose costly, unnatural, man-made drugs and treatments usually affect only the symptoms and are as damaging in other ways as they are helpful in treating the problems, or symptoms.

When we get sick or develop any of the various (physical as well as emotional & mental) ailments or discomforts (natural consequences of the basic American diet and lifestyle) we are often directed to take drugs to make us "feel" better. When we realize the various symptoms (headache, or other joint aches, low energy, depression, etc. - symptoms of usually more complex health problems) we are encouraged to use the many different pain killers and other remedies (aspirin, tylenol, ibuprofen, naprosyn, cortisone, prozac, etc., etc.) the great majority of which work on only the pain / symptoms, but, we don't get headaches FROM a lack of aspirin!

If the "Hot" light on the dash of your car comes on while driving down the freeway, would you stop and cut the wires leading to that annoying light and continue driving?

Drugs may alleviate pain, but always have some side effects, possibly causing new problems, and are also detrimental in that they reduce our motivation to work on correcting the real problem - allowing it to get worse. So its a double or triple whammy - we are deterred from correcting the main problem, often develop another or our health is negatively effected in other ways, on top of the fact that huge amounts of money and other resources (and animal suffering) has been spent on the development of a drug - which if not producing any real benefit, is all a total waste. We're spending more and more money to create more and more problems. So much more good could be done if those resources were put towards producing worthwhile (organic) crops instead of the cheap anemic (fake) produce that fills the (regular) grocery stores, and educating people about the difference their diet makes.

Almost all Americans (unknown to them) have cancers and other ailments developing within them, at some stage, beginning early in life (as these conditions take years to develop) preparing to manifest themselves in a more noticeable, destructive (often life threatening) way, later in life. These diseases are able to develop only because of weaknesses in the immune system and the breakdown of cellular operations - which is all simply due to nutritional deficiencies, and our bodies having to deal with such large amounts of free radicals, toxic and hard to digest and eliminate matter - that is considered to be "food". Most assume that things sold in grocery stores, even though they may not all be the best for us, are OK - that our diet doesn't make that much difference.

There are more cases of more different diseases and health problems (in the US) than have existed anywhere else at anytime - IN SPITE OF THE FACT that this country is wealthier, has more food, technology and knowledge of medicine AND NUTRITION than any society has ever had at any time in history. Where are all these health problems coming from?? And are Doctors and the medical industry curing many of them? For the most part they are just running emergency damage control - prescribing & applying unnatural symptom suppressing drugs & treatments, usually not affecting the root of the problems, actually making them much worse, and the (uninformed) public thinks they are receiving the best treatment(s) possible. Mountains of money (much of our tax dollars) are spent researching and developing new drugs that do us more harm than good - instead of teaching and emphasizing the importance of proper / complete nutrition and working to make this available to as many people as possible. When they come out with a drug that has any effect on any part of any problem OR SYMPTOM, they get all excited, it is covered by the media and many are willing to pay a very high price for it - even though it may only treat the symptoms - and even cause another problem -- wherein they start the whole costly process all over again - working on the new problem or symptom.

It is truly a self perpetuating process (causing as many or more problems than are being corrected) while the only way to cure the (root of the) problem(s) is with natural good nutrition, - which would also cost less than the drugs as well as what people spend on junk "foods" alone. If a treatment does not cure the root of a problem, how can it be considered to have much value? Most of the focus of improving health is on drugs & medical treatments (as that to them seems to be where the money is), while the food / nutrition industries produce the lowest quality products they can with the highest volume - to maximize their profits - while that is where the greater (not lesser) efforts & tax dollars SHOULD be directed (because THAT is where the answers lie).

This page is being created simply to try to help inform and direct more people to the best, most effective, least costly and painful - "most natural" treatment of health concerns. We are trying to provide at least an overview of some basic facts (and beliefs) that we have learned, believe to be true and very significant - that are not taught by mainstream sources, and most people don't know very much about.   Much of, and the importance of many basic concepts about nutrition & health simply are not taught nor even conveyed by the mainstream media and educational institutions.


As most people understand, it is best to eat as much as possible   --
Fresh, Raw Fruits and Vegetables (and/or juices) and grains (far better if sprouted & uncooked) and all organically (or home) grown if at all possible. Much of the commercial produce now is hybridized, genetically altered, grown on mineral depleted land with artificial fertilizers and pesticides with quantity in mind, ignoring quality. If our government would take even some of the money they appropriate for drug development and invest it in revitalizing our farmlands, growing crops organically and teaching more about the truth and importance of diet & nutrition, the damage of drugs and deficient produce could be abated and most health problems eliminated.

"Agricultural biotechnology in its present form is a vast scientific and commercial error. The people who have invested their money, time and reputations in it cannot afford to admit this. Unfortunately, they will not be the ones that end up paying the heaviest price for their incompetence, greed and hubris. As usual, the bill will be met by those least able to afford it, and the currency in which it will be denominated will not be dollars or euros alone, but the health and livelihoods of human beings and the environment in which we live." -- Planting Lies by Steve McGiffen, an environmental adviser to members of the European Parliament:

Switzerland may be the first nation in the world to ban genetically modified crops and foods by popular vote. A petition with well over 100,000 signatures was recently submitted to the Swiss government, thereby mandating that the issue be placed on the general election ballots. Although Syngenta, a Swiss based biotech corporation has promised to sway the vote in its favor, with a heavily financed pro-GMO campaign, polls show that over 70% of Swiss citizens refuse to eat genetically engineered foods.

All Commercial Animal Products (Beef, Poultry, Dairy) are not only loaded with saturated fats and cholesterol, etc., but are also pumped up with antibiotics, hormones and raised on plants that are grown with artificial fertilizers, chemical pesticides and are biologically engineered - losing much of their natural characteristics and nutritional benefits - and this allows for, contains or produces free radicals - the main cause or reason for disease, aging, fat gaining / overweightness, reduced strength and energy. Animal products are also very taxing to the body to digest and eliminate.

We should try to eat as little cooked foods as possible.   Cooking changes the chemical composition of foods and greatly reduces their nutritional content. It generally makes food more difficult to digest and assimilate, burns off most vitamins along with eliminating (killing) all life giving enzymes and chlorophyll. Anything that has been cooked is devoid of enzymes and thus requires our bodies to provide the enzymes ( & do the work) to digest and assimilate that food. Many suggest that the expenditure of our body's potential, or store of enzymes is the main cause of aging and death of old age. We strongly encourage all to become more educated on nutrition in general, and in particular on the role and tremendous benefits of enzymes and chlorophyll. At the bottom of this page we are placing references / links to other good sources of information & products on the Net.

"Enzymes are substances that make life possible. They are needed for every chemical reaction that takes place in the human body. No mineral, vitamin, or hormone can do any work without enzymes. Our bodies, all our organs, tissues, and cells are run by metabolic enzymes."   -- Dr. Howell, Enzyme Nutrition

The American diet has indeed gotten far off track. Many people even think that eating food that is not cooked is not normal.    -----     But, what is "normal"?

Back To Normal Yet?

by Joe Alexander, author of "Blatant Raw-Foodist Propaganda"

Long ago, say the ancient legends, men and women walked with God in paradise, enjoying life to a degree we can’t imagine now. And then something terrible happened! And ever since, the world has been full of disease and suffering. So, what happened? People who’ve tried the natural raw-food diet for a few months will tell you that cooking is where we went wrong! Eating cooked food does many things to make life miserable, such as: - Fills the body with waste matters, causing frequent colds, flu, and many diseases. - Diminishes vitality & intelligence, causing depression, premature aging, ....... and atheism. - Over-acidifies the body chemistry, causes cravings for drugs and alcohol. - Causes spiritual separation from nature, leading to cities, ugly art, pollution, and government. Raw-food eating is normal , all other creatures on earth do it, cooking causes a vast amount of unnecessary disease and pain. If you think maybe it might be a good idea to finally try to get back to normal way of life before things on earth get even worse, then try eating raw foods!

There are many examples of people overcoming and/or curing themselves of essentially all of the serious ailments that exist, (including diabetes, cancer, arthritis, etc.) by perfecting their diet (usually to only fresh, raw, organic fruits & vegetables - plants, sprouted grains, juices, nuts and seeds). There are various organizations such as the "Hallelujah Acres" and "Hippocrates Institute" that have much success employing these principles.

Fasting is very helpful & important for cleansing the body of waste and toxins. Anyone who has never practiced fasting should learn something about it before doing so and then experiment - little by little as you go. One practice that is generally regarded as effective and safe for most people is to go without food with perhaps a little water for a 24 hour period.

If you are not eating mostly "organically grown," raw, fruits and vegetables, you are probably getting considerably less than 50% of the nutrition you need to maintain good health.

Juicing fruits & vegetables is very good - providing a good amount of nutrients that are easily assimilated by the body, though how and where the produce is raised makes a big difference in the mineral / nutritional content. If they are not organic (or home grown) they may have only   5 - 20 %   of the minerals that your body needs. It has been determined that our farmlands are almost totally depleted of most (all but 3) of all minerals. Farmers regularly add (replace) the three minerals the plants need to grow - Nitrogen, Phosphorus & Potassium (NPK) - to produce the volume they need to stay in business, but none of the others (approx. 45 to 60 that we need to be healthy).

Excerpt from a Land Mineral / Nutrition Report
-- Senate Document No. 264 -- explaining and demonstrating how our farmlands are depleted of minerals, followed by other statements by a Dr. Joel Wallach describing the dire situation of nutrition in the US.


Many people believe very strongly that the only foods that are truly good for us (more good than bad) and the only thing(s) our diet SHOULD consist of are: fresh raw organic fruits, vegetables, beans, nuts, seeds and grains. But since this is quite difficult for most people to adhere to, supplementing can be helpful - in picking up the slack. Here again, it certainly makes a difference in what types of, and the quality of, the products you use. There is a lot involved in determining the quality and benefits of any supplement, though basically and logically the more natural the product, the better.

One item that is proven to be very good and we have witnessed to make a difference is wheat grass juice.   This provides a good portion of the enzymes, chlorophyll and trace minerals needed, as well as a good dose of vitamins and protein (in the best - most synergistic form - straight from Nature - straight from the plant) - This is likely the best single source of nutrition - a complete package - a pure food, direct from and balanced by Nature - providing a synergistic effect that is much greater than could be realized by taking the various nutrients separately or in groups (as with most processed supplements). In other words, the beneficial effect of the whole (probably hundreds of elements coming direct from a natural source) working together, is greater than the sum of its individual parts (better than taking various different supplements separately). The link above describes the product that we have found to be of the highest quality and at the lowest cost (at about, an unbelievable, $ .20 per serving). This seems to be more nutrition and benefit to health for the money than anything else on the planet and makes the cost of it virtually inconsequential. The use of this product is really the most definite "No Brainer" that we have ever come across.

For those indoctrinated to believe that we need to eat meats to get the protein we need:

"Where do raw (vegetarian) and living foodists get their protein? The WHO (World Health Organization) says humans need about 5% of their daily calories to come from protein to be healthy. The USDA puts this figure at 6.5%. On average, fruits have about 5% of their calories from protein. Vegetables have from 20-50% of their calories from protein. Sprouted seeds, beans, and grains contain from 10-25% of their calories from protein. So if you are eating any variety of living plant foods, you are getting more than adequate protein. Numerous scientific studies have shown the daily need for protein to be about 25-35 grams per day. So if you ate 2,000 calories per day, and ate raw plant foods that had an average of 10% of their calories from protein, you would get 200 calories worth of protein, or 50 grams. This is more than adequate to support optimal well-being. Other studies have shown that heat treating a protein (such as with cooking) makes about half of it unusable to the human body. So raw plant food protein is even a better source than cooked plant foods or animal foods. There is still a huge, foolish, misguided idea that plant protein is not "complete". This is based on studies done on rats in the 1940's. This false conclusion was drawn before we discovered the body's protein recycling mechanism and its ability to "complete" any amino acid mix from our bodies amino acid pool, no matter what the amino acid composition of a meal consumed. This false idea is still perpetuated by the meat and dairy industries, in an attempt to influence people to continue consuming their TRULY HEALTH DESTROYING PRODUCTS."

For any questions or comments, you can use the contact information below (at the bottom of any page).


Pure Potent Organic Plant Nutrition - Highest quality, most pure & nutritious products - direct from plants - at most reasonable prices - for all health concerns.

Stunning - Informative (must see) Video & Info. on Soy Products, GMO foods, Nutrition & Health: from

Organic Consumers Association - A premier site for information on our food supply today and what the large food producers & wholesalers are doing to essentially poison us while focusing almost entirely on widening their profit margins (instead of simply working to provide good "nutritious" food - crops).

TrueFoodNow - For good information on Genetically Engineered Foods and an extensive list of foods that are FREE of genetically modified ingredients and of those that are not.


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