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Many (insiders, experts & others) in the industry express strong convictions that the price of gold, silver and all the precious metals have been and are superficially suppressed - being held down low for various reasons and will be rising considerably at some point before too long. I have been in the business for many years and strongly believe that everyone should have some, if even a very small, position / investment in some of the precious metals - primarily for security as well as an investment. In my view there are many signs of possible and eminent instability in the economies of the world. To not take a bit of a defensive position in these times, would not be very wise. After achieving a degree of security in one's living situation - with a home and preferably some storage of extra food, clothing, supplies, etc., it would only make sense to place a portion of one's capital in the (next) thing(s) that can provide an increased level of security, a means of exchange AND (and possibly strong) appreciation - precious metals coins.

Currently (1-20-2006) the price of gold and silver have risen considerably and we are likely in a correction phase. Over the longer term, prices will continue higher, but right now could be a good time to lighten one's position. If you have precious metals and need cash, I can buy from you (particularly old silver coins) at a guaranteed top price (check anywhere / everywhere).

Please simply call for quotes and updates.

Bill at: 414-372-7097 or: 414-510-9111


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