Solar Thermal Energy - Clean Electric Power Generation
Alternative Renewable Abundant Green / Pollution Free Energy

New Turbine & Solar Thermal Panels Power Technology -
  • Brings down the cost of electric power from solar energy to less than most other energy sources.
  • Reduces pollution & the major problems w/ global warming, health problems, healthcare costs, etc.
  • Lessens demand for oil & foreign imports - meaning less money to terrorists & their activities.
  • Improves international relations - easing tentions & wars - less destruction & lives lost.
  • Provides more security, self-sufficiency with less dependence on the power grid.
  • More affordable & clean electric power in remote areas.
  • Fewer high voltage power lines needed.
Solar Thermal Energy / Power
The benefits should be huge:

If our government(s) and society were accounting for the massive cost of the pollution from fossil fuels, then the clean renewable energy technologies available over the past 30 years would have been recognized as competitive, or even lower cost than the fossil fuel techs. But now comes technology that even the most short sighted people will recognize as lower cost - head to head - even ignoring the non-polluting benefit.

Roughly 5 cents/kwh pays for a newly developed system (at a rate of 5% interest over 20 years) - and this is before considering tax credits, deductions, green tags, etc. (all of which could more than cover this cost, depending on the situation - tax liabilities, location, etc.). Also, the money spent (invested) here is not just paying for energy and gone, but is an investment towards the purchase and increasing equity of an asset -- like buying a home instead of renting. After the system is paid for, the energy is free (or about .5 cent/kwh for maintenance).

The cost of the Power Plant including back up power and storage for around the clock operation is expected to be less than $3 / watt of production capacity (ie: $300,000 for a 100 Killowatt Plant) or about $2 / watt or less for the generation plant alone (without storage).

This is accomplished with a new patented bladeless turbine that is more versatile, efficient and less costly to build and maintain than conventional ones, an improved solar heat collection process and a lower cost, efficient heat storage facility.

Also soon to be available will be power plants (Burners, Boilers, turbines & generators) equipment for main or backup power from any fuel: coal, gas, propane, methane, oil, biomass, wood, etc. (approx. $1 per watt)

This also provides the owner much more independence / self sufficiency / security - greatly reducing the chance of being without power - freeing him from dependence on the power grid, price hikes and being shut down or crippled whenever the grid goes down. After the heat storage unit, batteries, and/or secondary fuel burner, the power grid could become a third or even fourth source of backup.

Also in the works are Power Plants with Bio-Mass Digesters (with any biomass - wood / animal waste, etc.) - around $2 per Watt or less of production capacity.

Investors / Tax Payers:

Earn 25% and more while gaining a Federal Income Tax Credit of 100% as well as contributing in a big way to reduce pollution, energy prices, and dependence on foreign oil.   Acquire ownership (equity) in a valuable asset a Solar Power Plant, instead of giving your money to the government and their banker buddies.


What would it be worth to have clean air and water, and to be free of dependence on oil, foreign oil and governments, etc?

Now finally, the cost of alternative renewable solar energy is getting down to where even the most short sighted people (most in the U.S.) would consider it affordable. And with lower cost (non-polluting) electricity we can produce lower cost hydrogen to power our cars and trucks.
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Solar Thermal Energy = Clean Power