Our Food Supply, Environment, etc:

How much toxicity can we endure?

Most of our food supply is seriously contaminated and this situation could become irreversible.

What will it take?   What percentage of the population will need to be in "critical condition" before they will open their eyes, see what is happening / has happened - and (try to) do something about it?

When most of the general public finally becomes aware of what is going on, will it be too late?

This page contains excerpts from the book: “DRUGS MASQUERADING AS FOODS”
by Dr. S. Epps, N.D., D. M. The errors you find (in spelling, grammar, sentences or paragraphs lacking continuity) are mainly due to the fact that this was scanned in -- jumping from one section to another, and the scanner doesn’t always recognize the words correctly, and we may not find or get around to correct all of them. Also some of punctuation and most of the emphasis and has been lost. We would recommend buying this book which you can find at the “Nature’s First Law” web site referenced at the bottom of the page.


At the end of WW II the A-bomb dropped on Hiroshima killed around 70,000 to 118,000 people. In “The Golden Seven Plus One” – Orem, UT 1983; Dr. Samuel West refers to a figure released in 1977 that at least 120,000 people die per month from the degenerative diseases [heart disease, cancer (all types), lung and liver disease, diabetes, stroke, obesity, high blood pressure, hypoglycemia, arthritis and others] -- all results of the deficient, toxic American diet.

The 1988 Surgeon General’s Report on Nutrition and Health admitted that degenerative diseases “now account for more than two-thirds of all deaths in the United States.” The top five killers are heart disease, cancer, diabetes, lung disease, and liver disease. These are all degenerative diseases with long incubation periods. For decades they grow silently inside you, usually emerging in a time of stress, full-blown and allegedly incurable (no such thing, really). All of these killer diseases are primarily the results of a killer drugfood diet.

The American Diet – composed mainly of animal products, cooked and highly processed materials (commonly referred to as foods) -- processed with, grown on or treated with extreme amounts of: chemicals (including many embalming nitrates), anti-biotics, hormones, paint, pesticides, genetically modified crops, etc., kill more people than the wars and accidents combined.

[Don Harkins / The Idaho Observer – April, 1999 / 5-29-99]
“Last year, commented Dr. Welch, the pharmaceutical industry did $182 billion in drug sales world wide. In contrast to that figure, it cost approximately $183 billion to treat adverse reactions from all of those drugs. According to JAMA, doctors kill more people than auto accidents and guns. With that in mind, one has to wonder why gun control is such a hot issue when, perhaps, we should be more concerned about doctor control. The number of people that doctors kill per day from medical malpractice is roughly equal to the amount of people that would die if every day, three jumbo jets crashed and killed everybody on board, commented Dr. Welch . . . Another trade publication, American Medical News, stated that 28 percent of people admitted to hospitals are there because they have suffered an adverse reaction to prescribed drugs.”

Although the medical profession did not begin to grow into the powerful monopoly it is today until around 1900, as far back as 1789, Dr. Benjamin Rush, signer of the Declaration of Independence and physician to George Washington, urged that the first Amendment to the Constitution be expanded to protect us from such monopolies. The first Amendment states: "Congress shall make no law prohibiting the free exercise of religion, or abridging the freedom speech, or the press. " Apparently knowing the nature of his people and how they can be, even with themselves, Dr. Rush wanted to include these lords, "or abridging the rights of citizens to secure medical treatment from doctors of their own choice."' Dr. Rush prophetically warned: "Unless we put medical freedom into the Constitution, the time will come when medicine will organize into an undercover dictatorship ...To restrict the art of healing to one class of men and deny equal privileges to others will constitute the Bastille of medical science . ...The Constitution of this republic should make special privilege for medical freedom as well as religious freedom." His prophecy is reality today, unfortunately.

This is why Americans are denied access to many natural methods proven so successful in ending some of the most agonizing dis-eases of today. This is why rug-pushing medical schools are "accredited" while holistic schools teaching natural (i.e., "alternative") medicine are not accredited. Americans, have become the victims of the Drug & Medical Monopoly. 'he money is in treating sick people with drugs, not in making them healthy with a wholesome diet. In the last two decades there has been a mounting concerted effort on the part of government regulatory agencies to punish and harass medical professionals who recommend or practice nutritional and herbal medicine, and other natural therapies for health and preventing illness. Health food stores and manufacturers of herbs and nutritional supplements have been the target of FDA seizures in an attempt to block the manufacture and sale f many natural substances (like primrose oil, laetrile, citrus seed extract, certain herbs) which have been proven to heal or prevent diseases. The FDA's suppression of natural medicine and nutritional supplements is a war for power with billions of dollars and America's health at stake.

You may lose your right to important information about vitamins, minerals and herbs. Recall that in the early 1990's, the FDA, AMA tried to make it so that Du needed a prescription from a medical doctor just to buy vitamins and other common nutrients (so you would have to pay super high prices for them). Well they haven't stopped. They will keep on trying to get their way utterly. It's up to the American people to reverse this, if they can at all. The majority seem unmindful, unaware, and apparently don't care. Americans still have power if they ACT and continue to act/counteract. The Controllers never stop.

And You Thought You Were Eating Food • 1

When the FDA reared up again only a few years later, one group that acted was Citizens For Health. Excerpts from their flyer (urging people to act) is very revealing and summarizes the Controllers' intent: "Dear Friend, ...FDA has proposed new rules which will deny your access to essential information about your health choices. But if you act now ...you can make a difference and protect those rights . ...FDA wants to define aging, pregnancy and menopause as diseases! ...What does that mean for you? Producers of dietary supplements will not )7e able to tell you how new scientific research has been linked to supplements that address these and other conditions... FDA could reclassify many natural health products as drugs. Your access to many vitamins, minerals and herbs could be greatly restricted based on how your "intend" to used those products...

• Government agencies have proposed barriers to many products and services that emphasize alternative options and preventive care • The legal climate is restrictive in many states where non-conventional practitioners have literally been run out of town.

Many physicians are being prohibited from offering alternative medicines to their patients. Government intervention is preventing parents from using alternative health practices for their children. Alternative therapies are being used in child custody cases as a basis for an unfit parenting claim."

One medical doctor with a conscience, J. Hodge, wrote: "The medical monopoly or medical trust, euphemistically called the American Medical Association, is not merely the meanest monopoly ever organized, but the most arrogant, dangerous and despotic organization which ever menaced a free people in this or any other age. Any and all other methods of healing the sick by means of safe, simple and natural remedies is sure to be assailed and denounced by the arrogant leaders of the AMA doctor's trust as `fakes, frauds and humbugs'. Every practitioner of the healing art who does not ally himself with the medical trust is denounced as a `dangerous quack' and imposter by the predatory trust doctors. Every sanitarian who attempts to restore the sick to a state of health by natural means without resort to the knife or vaccines, is at once pounced upon by these medical tyrants and fanatics, bitterly denounced, vilified and persecuted to the fullest extent."

Another (holistic) doctor, R. Preston wrote: "So thoroughly does the AMA ...control health in the United States that it does not merely stifle medical doctors from taking a nutritional approach to health, but it also, through the Food and Drug Administration, the Post Office, the IRS and any one else they can find, destroys anyone who dares to speak out. ..It hounds and harasses health writers and lecturers. They are arrested and frequently convicted of such ridiculous charges... Undercover agents are used with tape recording devices to attempt to trick them into saying something that will be convicting. The news media [which the Controllers own] loves to publish public interest articles about so-called health frauds, warning the public not to trust anyone who is not an AMA drug-pushing doctor.” . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Your body is a self-cleaning, self-healing, irreplaceable mechanism which deserves Nature’s best. All you have to do is feed it properly, give it sunshine, avoid poisoning it, and stay out of its way. What is your Body worth? - - Priceless! So treat it like it’s priceless. In the “Body-parts market,” organs literally cost Several hundred thousand dollars! Take good care of your priceless body and it will take good care of you! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Grown in poison. Commercial produce is grown in abused, bastardized, mineral poor, depleted soil and is saturated with poisonous synthetic chemical fertilizers. The chemical toxins from the fertilizers are absorbed into the plants we eat.

'American farmers now apply more than 20 million tons of Chemical fertilizers to our farmlands every year, more than the combined weight of the entire human population of the country."'

Nutrition begins with the soil, the foundation if life on the planet. The health of humanity and the plants and animals) depends upon he health of the soil. The Albino practice of commercial mass production ) plants thousands of acres in monoculture. This is not Nature's way. It causes serious deficiency, thus the farmers add more and more chemical fertilizers. These highly concentrated artificial fertilizers kill the bacterial life of the soil, which is as important for fruits and vegetables as bacillus acidophilus is for the human intestinal tract.

Chemical fertilizers also kill or chase away the earthworms in the soil. Earthworms are invaluable in helping the formation of humus that is the plant's nourishment. They also aerate the top soil so that plant roots can spread out in search of nutrition. Artificial fertilizers poison the soil and upset the economy of nature, over stimulating the plants and hurrying up their growth. The plants are big and oversize, but their aroma and flavor is lacking because they are deficient in minerals and vitamins. And though big, they have failed to mature. They fill he stomach but give little nourishment.

This is one reason why so many Americans are overweight overweight yes, ) but undernourished, malnourished (mal=bad). Ever eating because they are ever hungry because their bodies are ever craving the nourishment it can never get on a diet of toxic, foodless drugfoods. Over 79 million Americans are fat; far more than half are overweight.

Sprayed with death.

Would you eat a salad that's been sprayed with Raid insecticide? I wouldn't either. The commercial produce which looks so pretty all neatly stacked in the supermarkets is heavily sprayed with pesticides, herbicides and other "cider" (killers) which not only kill bugs and weeds, but kill you also little by little with each mouthful. 35% of the food consumed in the U.S. has detectable pesticide residues. Over 400 pesticides are licensed for use on our foods. In 1951, the quantity of pesticides produced in the U.S. was sufficient to kill 15 billion human beings about six times the world's population.' "Today 2.6 billion pounds of pesticides are spread on America every year. That's ...10 pounds for every breathing one of us." In his eye opening book, Diet for a New America, John Robbins wrote: "produce pesticides today at a rate more than 73,000 times faster than we did only 35 years ago. Our environment and food chains are being inundated by a virtual avalanche of pesticides. What three decades ago took us six years to produce, we now produce every couple of hours. "' More than 50,000 pesticide products are used in America today.' All children born in the United States today have traces of pesticides in their tissues.5 In fact, likely everyone on earth, including the animals, have toxic pesticide residues in their flesh! This is the food we are eating today. Its cellulose fibers contain residues of the poison sprays, dusts, powders placed on the plant and filtering into the soil where it is absorbed by the plant roots. Hence, washing, though it may remove a little, is generally ineffective. Even minute amounts are very contaminating and irritating to our cells.

Bred to hold more poison without dying
The big pesticide corporations (which are also deadly chemical/drug corps, plus they own large shares of seed companies) are now inserting special genes in their seeds. Why? To allow these seeds to grow into food crops which will absorb more pesticides than ever without curling up and dying.' This means you will be eating more poison (unless you buy organically grown food). The soil will be drenched with more poison. And those heartless corporations will be making more money selling pesticides to farmers.

Insects don't attack healthy plants!
When plants are forced into quick development, they are not able to draw the normal amount of minerals from the soil, thus are mineral deficient. The vitality of such plants is not sufficient to withstand the attacks of insect pests and fungus Nature's way of purging them so chemical poisons are sprayed on commercial crops to kill insects. Few people know that insects only attach inferior and unhealthy plants, not good healthy ones. This is Nature’s way of protecting us from unfit harmful food. In the name of profit, commercial establishments overstep this protection by killing the insects with pesticides, thereby allowing inferior, nutritionally deficient, health-damaging produce to grow anyway.

These killers are extremely stable.
Ominously, they do not break down for decades or centuries! As a result, they stay in our food chain. They accumulate in the tissues of animals, and as one animal eats another, they build up in ever higher concentrations at each higher rung on the food chain. Humans sit at the top of the chain whenever they eat fish, chicken, meat, eggs or dairy products. From these foods come 95% to 99% of the toxic chemical residues in the American diet.' Eat these if you want to include pesticides in your diet.

DEAD especially from cooking & irradiation.

Food irradiation exposes food to equivalent of 30 million chest X rays.
Commercial supermarket food is often irradiated (exposed to massive doses of nuclear radiation to kill insects and germs). Originated and developed by white people, food irradiation is a technology designed to use radioactive waste products from weapons manufacture to extend the shelf life of meats, grains, and produce. This practice continues, despite many tests (by other whites) proving the dangers of irradiated foods and linking it with numerous diseases. Though the FDA states that irradiated food is safe, tests show that food irradiation destroys food nutrients, disrupts the normal bio energy field of the food, and creates dangerous new free radicals. Food irradiation is done with the radioactive materials, cobalt 60 which is produced in nuclear reactors, and cesium 137 which is produced from nuclear wastes (that's right!) and, according to the U.S. Department of State, will minimize U.S. nuclear waste disposal. (!!!)

Cecium 137 is the most radioactive of waste materials and the one promoted by the Department of Energy for food irradiation. The food does not become radioactive, unless there is equipment or human error, but electrons are knocked out of orbit and massive molecular rearrangement takes place. New chemicals called Unique Radiolytic Products (URPS) are formed in the foods. Most URPS are unknown and untested. There is no way to determine if a food has been irradiated, or at what dosage, or how many times. The first commercial instance of food irradiation took place in 1957 in the Albino country of Germany, where it was used to sterilize spices. "The results were so disturbing the government banned the procedure the following year. " 2

Why is nuclear irradiation & irradiated food harmful?

"Consumption of irradiated rice has been linked with the development of pituitary, thyroid, heart and lung disturbances, and development of tumors."
Has dangerous results. Animals fed irradiated food developed damage to their testicles, kidneys, and chromosomes. Mice fed a diet high in irradiated chicken died sooner and had a higher rate of tumors.
When children and animals were fed irradiated wheat, they developed increased abnormality of their chromosomes (called polyphoidy).
Irradiation creates new toxins /chemicals in foods called radiolytic products. These toxins include formaldehyde and cancer causing substances like benzene (in irradiated beef). Others are unique to the irradiation process and no one knows what effects these have on human health.
Radiation deranged food transfers its derangement directly to your cells. Studies at Cornell University showed that eating irradiated sugar can produce the same results as irradiation directly applied to the cell. "Scientists experimented with carrot tissue and coconut milk... both high in natural sugars. They bombarded them with cobalt 60, causing radiation induced cell mutations in both foods. Moreover, the chemicals produced by sugar breakdown in the [irradiated] foods were seen [to] transfer radiation effects into the cells of fruit flies, resulting in stunted growth and chromosome damage. All living cells contain sugar, the report emphasized, and human beings may suffer similar consequences from long term consumption of irradiated food."
Irradiation destroys essential vitamins and nutrients that are naturally present in food.
Irradiated seeds and plants do not grow. Irradiation stunts growth and prevents sprouting, depending on the level of irradiation.
Aflatoxin (a cancer causing mold poison), may grow more readily on irradiated foods. Irradiation plants pose environmental threats to workers and surrounding communities. The transportation of nuclear materials to irradiation facilities also poses severe public health risks.

Cooking 8 Microwaving are other forms of irradiating food. All drugfood is cooked food. Cooking turns food into drugs. Note that high temperatures are used in manufacturing drugs and processed drugfood. Any wonder that most addicting substances are cooked: tobacco, coffee, alcohol, cocaine, sugar, etc. Microwaving vibrates food molecules up to over 2 billion times per second, deranging the structure of the molecules and making the food even more toxic than if it were cooked conventionally. A German study found that the body responds to microwaved food as if it were an infectious agent (see page 61). It causes pathological changes in the blood /body cells. In 1992, Dr. Hans Hertel did a study of the blood chemistry of persons eating microwaved food. Major changes occurred, similar to those with cancer.

Processed and embalmed with chemical poisons.

If the "food" has any virtues left after going through the previously described abominable practices, this is effectively demolished in food processing, the final 3se of the War Against Wholistic Food. Commercial drugfood is excessively, massively, ridiculously over processed. It is fractionated, bleached, dyed, gassed, hormoned, homogenized, hydrolyzed, hydrogenated, carbonated, acetylated, bromated, flavored, deflavored, acidified, alkalinized, buffered, fated, nitrated, scented, deodorized, texturized, creamed, emulsified, thickened, thinned, defoamed, stabilized, preserved, waxed...

The use of chemicals in foods has soared from 419 million pounds in 1955 to more than 800 million today. Each of us eats more than 50 pounds of additives a year.'

Read the labels before you buy any food!

When additives combine, new, mutant, worse chemicals are created. e poisonous chemicals we ingest when we eat commercial drugfoods interact rh those that are already in our body, forming mutant, second generation chemicals far more harmful than the originals. "Another great problem with ting additives is how they interact with each other and with the sixty three thousand other chemicals (!!!] in common use today. In 1976, the Journal of Food Sciences carried a report on a small scale attempt to determine the extent the problem. When three additives were tested one at a time on rats, the imals stayed well. Two at a time, the rats became ill, and with a three-additive combination, all the animals died within fourteen days. "

Have a frothy, delicious, chilled glass of Ethyl Methyl phenylglycidate
It tastes just like strawberries. This clear, liquid chemical artificially imparts a very berry taste to ice cream, beverages, candy, gum, and other delights when not being used in perfumes. It's even listed as GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe), even though it retards the growth of rats and atrophies their testicles, and paralyzes the muscles of female rats.' Still want some? Just help yourself! In the next section, let's sample some more delectable "additives" until we pass out.

Khemical Kuisine: Food In Your Poison?

Virtually no food items in American supermarkets are free of chemical additives, including table salt. Over a billion pounds of chemicals are used each year! These chemicals are drugs. They have absolutely no nutritive or beneficial effect upon the body. Many of them are known to be dangerous and even lethal when ingested outright, even in minute amounts. Following are a few of over 3000 chemicals added to the beautifully packaged, enticing, innocent looking but killer kounterfeit foods enjoyed by the typical, unsuspecting hungry American:
Pineronal, a vanilla flavor substitute is also used to kill lice.
Butvraldehyde provides a delicious nut like flavor, but is also an important ingredient in rubber cement and synthetic resins.
Aldehyde C 17 imparts a delectable cherry flavor when it is not serving as an important constituent in synthetic rubber and certain plastics.
8 hydroxycfuinoline helps preserve cottage cheese when it is not being used in contraceptives and rectal suppositories.
Alginic acid gives your cheese spread a uniform flavor and color when it is not making celluloid and synthetic ivory.
Ethyl acetate makes a great pineapple taste when it is not being used as a solvent for cleaning leather and plastics.
Polyvinylpyrrolidone gives clarity and storage life to beer, ale, jellies, cider, wines, and fruit juices when it is not helping out with aerosol hair sprays.
BVO (bromated vegetable oil) is used as an emulsifier in some foods and as a clouding agent in many popular soft drinks. The main ingredient of BVO is bromate, a poison. Just 2 4 ounces of a 2% solution of BVO can severely poison a child. Bromates are also used in bromated flours, bromated wholewheat flour and hair products such as permanent wave neutralizers. It harms the central nervous system and causes skin eruptions when topically applied.
The food colors: bordeaux, amaranth, orange, and rop cean are all derived from compounding nitrogen and benzene, which is also a commonly used motor fuel. Some of the same dues coloring your clothes may be used to dye your food. Ice cream, sherbert, maraschino cherries, drinks ...all beautifully deadly colored.
Coal tar dyes produce cancer, reduced fertility, and malformed fetuses. Ice cream is treated with formaldehyde, a chemical used to embalm corpses.
Commercial ice cream also contains curcumin, carmoisine, sodium alginate, carrageenan, sodium carboxymethyl cellulose (made by treating cellulose with alkali & monochloroacetic acid), mono/di glycerides of fatty acids derived from slaughterhouse by products, and gelatin made from beef bones, calf or pork skin.
The dictionary informs us that potassium nitrate (saltpeter) is "used to pickle meat and in the manufacture of pyrotechnics, explosives, matches, rocket propellants, and fertilizers. "
Cochineal, used to produce a bright red color in food, is made from the bodies of dried cochineal bugs.
Nitrates used to preserve meats and camouflage its rotten smell were key ingredients for manufacturing bombs and shells. vegetable oils are processed with gasoline solvent and sodium hydroxide cnown as Draino and caustic soda).
Caramel is prepared from ammonia; it is suspected in the manifestation of some rental disorders in children.
The package itself is a major unlisted ingredient! BHT and BHA ishydroxytoluene & bishydroxyanisole) are food preservatives and seizure iggers. "They are often put on the boxes of cereals, rather than the cereals iemselves, so the cereals can be pronounced preservative free. Imagine how tuch the box must be drenched with to prevent oxygen leakage into the interior?" And many foods are wrapped in aluminum, a harmful metal. 1VP is used to create a beefy taste in hot dogs, barbecue sauce, and soups, plus 3d as creamy texture to processed foods, frozen dinners and nondairy creamers. hey make HVP by boiling vegetables in sulfuric acid, neutralizing the soup ,ith caustic soda, and then drying it to a brown sludge. calcium sulfate is a fancy name for gypsum or plaster of Paris, a chalklike concrete used for patching holes in walls and making plaster casts of sculptures, furniture and ornaments. A large number of dairies use plaster of Paris in their Atage cheese to thicken it up and cause it stick together! I It is Iso an ingredient in some veggie burgers in healthfood stores. Ince ingested, sulfites are converted to deadly sulfur dioxide as, responsible for acid rain. Reactions include suppression of nmunity, allergic reactions, and severe asthma attacks which sometimes lead to death. Sulfites are sprayed on fresh foods like lrimp and fruit /salad bars in restaurants to keep them looking esh and prevent browning with exposure to air. Sulfites are also irking in maraschino cherries (they're bleached white, then dyed bright red), tnned soups, frozen vegetables, fruit juices, dried fruit, hard candy, potato Clad, white and brown sugar, molasses, vinegar, cole slaw, sauerkraut, gravies, tuces, french fries, hard liquor, wine, wine coolers, drugs and more.' he same talc (chalk) of talcum/baby/makeup powder is put in powdery foods make them "free flowing." Talc and other silicates are often contaminated ith asbestos" for talc mineral beds may contain several forms of asbestos. lso, talc and some forms of asbestos are both forms of hydrous magnesium licate. The only difference is in structure: talc is flaky or granular, while Ibestos is fibrous. Once these tiny, razor sharp, needle like, asbestos particles e breathed in or ingested, they move through your body like a swordfish, ipaling cells until your body routes it into a cyst or forms a cyst around it. here it remains, providing lifelong potential for cancer development. Talc licates are found in dry soup mixes, salt, garlic powder, vanilla powder, baking )wder, vitamins, dried egg yolk, powder on chewing gum, flavor fixative on dished rice, etc. Other names for silicates include anti caking agents, sodium uminosilicate, calcium aluminosilicate, & tricalcium silicate.

The Five Fatal Foremost Traits of Killer Drugfoods • 2

1 Olestra is a sucrose polyester. A fat substitute developed by Procter & Gamble that cannot be digested. It has no calories. It can supposedly replace regular fats in french fries and baked desserts. It causes tumors and liver changes in animals. It is one big greasy deception; a Drug Masquerading as FAT.

Can't pronounce it? Don't eat it! even if you can pronounce it. Here are a "few" more drug chemicals added to our supermarket foods:

Allyl isothiocyanate
Aluminum sodium silicate
Ammonium isovalerate
Calcium acid phosphate
Calcium propionate
Diethylene glycol distearate
Dimethyl polysiloxane
Dodecyl gallate
Eugenyl methyl ether
Ferric orthophosphate
Fury] acrolein
Hydroxypropyl cellulose
Isovaleric acid
Methane dichloride
Potassium nitrate
Propylene glycol
Rhodinyl Isovalerate
Sodium bisulfate
Sodium nitrite
Sulfur dioxide
Tartaric acid
Titanium dioxide
Undecylenyl alcohol
Vinegar naphtha
Zinc ricinoleate
Aluminum ammonium sulfate
Ammonium alginate
Bovine somatotropin
Calcium iodate
Calcium stearoyl lactate
Disodium guanylate
Ethyl methylphenylglycidate
Ferric ammonium citrate
Glucono delta lactone
Magnesium sulfate
Potassium chloride
Potassium phosphate
Quinine hydrochloride
Rapeseed oil unsaponifiables
Sodium carbonate
Sorbitan monostearate
Tertiary butylhydroquinone
Allyl anthranilate
Aluminum oleate
Ammonium carrageenan
Aspergillus oryzae
Benzyl butyl acetate
Butylene glycol
Calcium acetate
Calcium pantothenate
Dilauryl thiodipropionate
Dioctyl sodium sulfosuccinate
Erythrobic acid
Ethyl methylphenylglycidate
Ferric sodium pyrophosphate
Furturyl acetate
Glutamic acid
Glyceryl triacetate
Hydrogen peroxide
Monosodium glutamate
Phenylmethyl cyclosiloxane
Potassium hydroxide
Propyl gallate
Quinine sulfate
Rhizopus oryzae
Silicon dioxide
Sodium carboxymethylcellulose
Undecylenic acid
Viburnum prunifolium

This list of additives doesn't even include the (outright intentionally lethal) pesticide residues in the same food. Sure, it's only a "leetle bit" of toxins in each food but each food has scores of different toxins. By their very nature, all it takes is a "leetle bit" of a toxin to cause problems; that's what makes it a toxin. And eaters usually eat more than one food in a single meal. In addition, toxins

The Five Fatal Foremost Traits of Killer Drugfoods
interact with each other to create new, mutant, worse toxins. Often, toxins are cumulative because most people do not periodically DE toxify their bodies through fasting or cleansing diets (raw fruits & vegetables). Combine all the toxins we incest with the toxins we encounter from our environment (plastics styrofoam, house cleansers, nail polish, body care polluted air, etc.). All the toxins in your food, body care products and environment add to a continuous assault upon your health keeping your body in continuous defense mode. A leetle here and a leetle there equals a whole lot when the total is added! Multiply this 365 days a year and you get an idea of the fighting which your body (your overwhelmed organs of elimination: liver, kidneys, lungs skin) must continuously do just to keep you alive. "Additives" in our food contribute to the waste which our body attempts to eliminate. If our bodies are spending most or all its time and energy getting rid of wastes, then how can it take the time and energy to REPAIR itself? It can't! That's why we break down ...and eventually succumb to degenerative diseases and painful, premature demise. When the load of toxins in your body becomes too great, your body produces an emergency state of rapid toxic discharge. This state is called "dis ease"! This is why 4 outta 10 Americans get cancer. Or why over 100,000 Americans die each month from degenerative disease. Thanks to the Standard American Diet. It's so S.A.D. All degenerative diseases are reactions to living on toxic drugfood.

This society has accomplished the impossible with their chemicals
Never before in known history have humans had available to them such a vast variety and quantity of food, all year round, all in a single place appropriately called the "super" market. An eater's paradise. This incredible feat is a major accomplishment of the Albinos, linked with their equally incredible industrialized factory farms, both complete with major destruction and disruption to Nature. Those same additives we sampled earlier and barely survived, are the chemicals making this feat possible: These chemicals preserve the food, making it last beyond its natural time, for weeks, months, and even lifetimes, without spoiling. These chemicals keep food appearing, smelling & tasting fresh, indefinitely. These chemicals keep food consistent in color, taste and texture; Hershey chocolate bars still taste exactly the way they did when you were a child; maraschino cherries all have the same uniform bright red color and taste; some breakfast cereals defy moisture and stay crunchy "even in milk."
• These chemicals give food an artificial cosmetic boost, lab produced color brighter than flower petals; cucumbers with a shine you can see yourself in. They keep the food cheap. Why should producers pay $100 dollars for an ounce of real flavor extract when they can pay 10 cents for a chemical tasting like the real thang? Or use real blueberries in their muffins when they can use a chemical that artificially creates the same delightful effects? They make it possible to have inexpensive gourmet meals several times a day if you want. Buy them frozen, nuke `em, and in moments you gotta gourmet dinner that shoulda taken hours to prepare.

The Five Fatal Foremost Traits of Killer Drugfoods

The billion pounds of toxic chemicals enriching our foods explain why:

All Drugfoods are "DELICIOUS"!
only after "preparation," that is. Deliciousness is the 6th top trait of Drugfoods. They taste so good (to our perverted sense of taste). And that's really too bad. That's what makes them so irresistible. We love `em. Is the short term pleasure we get from eating Drugfoods worth the long term health stealing, happinessstealing results? You bet! Never in history has the route to disease and death been so pleasurable! Drugs Masquerading As Foods. Delicious slow death. There are worse ways to exit. This unprecedented khemical kuisine perfectly aligns with the mechanistic artificial society that produced it, which is utterly gapped from Mother Nature and even in a War Against Nature and all things Natur Real. Thus, the final trait: (Hard) Drugfoods Are All Deadly!

Thus, drugfood mucks you. Effects of a drugfood diet include:

• addiction • foul polluted body • foul body odors • chronic constipation • much mucus • waking w/ encrusted eyes • aches and pains • negative outlook • depression, irritability • hyperactivity • uncontrolled temper • meaness • apathy, zombie ness • moral degeneration • criminal behavior • chronic fatigue • needing much sleep • lethargy • excessive or no appetite • obesity • dull or bloodshot eyes • mental degeneration • mental dullness, slow • mental retardation • impotency • menstrual cramps • reduced fertility • decreased birthrate • miscarriages, birth defects • sterility • accelerated aging • physical degeneration • chronic sickness • degenerative diseases • acute diseases • premature death
• creates toxins/filth; poison the bloodstream and cells clogs the lymph and elimination system
• robs, depletes the body of enzymes, vitamins, nutrients
• drains the body's lifeforce and enzyme reserve produces the ideal environment for parasites, flukes, germs
• throws off pH balance, making the body too acidic
• overworks, stresses, strains, enslaves digestive system, glands & organs makes your brain smaller and organs bigger (hence promotes stupidity?): Harvard Medical School researchers found that on the American diet of processed, denatured foods, the kidneys, liver, pancreas, heart, endocrine glands, pituitary and thyroid gets BIGGER while the brain gets SMALLER. This is probably because the organs have to work overtime just to keep the body functioning, while using much of their energy to keep drugfood toxins at bay. Scientists have verified that the brains of domesticated (i.e., enslaved animals are smaller than that of wild animals.' And the fossil skulls of the Neanderthal man indicated they had larger, heavier brains than that of "modern" man.z
*assaults and insults every cell and organ in your body makes you ugly; disfigures body, skin, face, smile; erodes natural beauty
• heaven in the mouth, hell in the stomach, colon, liver, heart
• the final "effect" is a big STOP SIGN called DEATH

No time for building health? plenty of time for sickness & disease:
We realize how valuable our health is when we lose it. How much is your health worth to you? If you cannot find time for health to practice healthful living, and learn how to eat /live wholistically, you will have plenty of time for illness, suffering, depression, dullness of spirit, unhappiness and dis ease. Most people seem oblivious to the ominous dangers these drugfoods represent, and of the crucial importance of their food choices. Hospitals are full of people who were too busy to be concerned about healthful living. Graveyards are full of people who did not have time to properly take care of themselves and so they died as the karma of their harmful eating and lifestyle caught up with them.

Elderly people show us the end result of our daily drugdiet
Visit any home for the elderly and you will witness firsthand the insidious, cumulative degeneration which the American supermarket diet awards its faithful longterm eaters. This is why the vast majority of elderly people in America suffer from chronic degenerative diseases, constant health problems, senility, and chronic pain. The elderly people of the Hunzas in northern India live to be from 125 to 175 years or longer and maintain robust health, youthfulness and vitality throughout. Many even have children after the age of 100! '

Return to whole organic "real food" and save yourself!
The only REAL FOODS are pure fruits, vegetables and nuts not chemically embalmed or destroyed with fire and microwaves, but organically grown and alive, and ideally, non hybrid. A diet of such food will keep us healthy at any age. Compared to commercial drugfoods, organic whole food tastes better, is nontoxic and highly nutritious as Nature intended. Organic produce may not look as pretty because it is not cosmetically treated. Yes, it may be more expensive but isn't your health worth it? Since organic foods are far more nutritious (having twice as much nutrients), you will feel satisfied on less food, especially after you purify your inwardly foul, toxic body. Our bodies have evolved over eons on raw, natural organic food. It's truly unfortunate that we have been conditioned into killer eating habits by the culture. It may sometimes be hard to break these killer habits and addictions that give us much short term pleasure. But if we love our health more than our addictions and have patience with ourselves, we can gradually replace health busting eating habits with health building ones. The short-term pleasure of living on drugfoods is not worth the longterm suffering and eventual premature death. The longterm rewards of living primarily on real foods will outweigh the temporary discomforts.

What's Done to the Produce is Done to the Farm Animals •

Farm Animals suffer the same treatment as the Produce

What's being done to the produce is also being done to the farm animals that people eat! These animals suffer the same process, treatment, and fate as the commercial drugfoods.

Overview Summary

The 5 fatal foremost traits of killer drugfoods apply to farm animals (as fleshfood) because they too are:
1. Perverted, bastardized before birth.
2. Grown in, and fed poisons.
3. Sprayed, doused with death.
4. DEAD(ER), especially from cooking /irradiation.
5. Processed and embalmed with chemical poisons.

Again, let's look at these anti-life practices...
Commercial fleshfood is killer drugfood because it's made with animals that are perverted, bastardized before birth.
The farm animals are unnatural (crossbred, hybrid). As with commercial produce, their genes are artificially altered by Albino scientists. The new, "improved" animals that result are as grossly out of balance with Nature as their heartless re-creators. Robbins wrote: "...the genetic manipulators are continuing their efforts to `improve' the pig, and convert this good-natured and robust creature into a more efficient piece of factory equipment . ...' Breeding experts are trying to create pigs that have fat rumps, level backs, even toes, and other features that hold up better under factory conditions. "' Not just pigs, but all the farm animals have been /are being genetically mucked with and altered from their natural blueprint.

Our Unknowing Cannibalism May Eventually Drive You Insane It's horrible enough that "most livestock are being fed genetically altered feed ...and often diseased and discarded animal carcasses." But even worse, human genes are being added to the equation! "Commercial pork has been genetically altered with DNA from human beings. Great time to decide to be vegetarian." 3 This spells another way to get "prions." See pages 36 and 108 for the gory details.

Grown in, and fed, poisons (and feces) just to keep their diseased bodies alive.

They are fed poisons because their appalling living conditions ("deathing" conditions, really) in modern factory farms are abominably unhealthy / unsanitary /filthy /feces-ful, and grossly unnatural. They are all fed drugs (poisons) and they are all drug addicts! Factory-farm animals are subjected to many horrible toxic chemicals. They are intentionally fed many toxic compounds never encountered by animals raised in a more natural way.

• Animal feed contains DDT, pesticides, hormones, stilbesterol, antibiotics, and tranquilizers. Animal feed is also often grown on land that is heavily sprayed with the most dangerous pesticides.

• Cancerous pesticides are fed to animals to keep their manure free of flies.

• The diet of commercial chickens include sulfa drugs, hormones, antibiotics, nitrofurans, arsenicals, and feces.

• Over 90% of today's chickens are fed arsenic compounds.'

• Livestock is also fed huge quantities of often contaminated fish. Yes, fish! which is NOT a natural food of cows. And this is "trash fish" that can't be fixed up to sell to humans. It is fed to factory-farm animals solely to enrich the owners of the "factory trawlers" wiping out fish stocks in our oceans.

Pigs are routinely fed recycled raw feces (pig/chicken manure) /waste which contains drug residues and high levels of toxic, heavy metals such as arsenic, lead and copper. In some farm-factories, the diet of cattle may include sawdust laced with ammonia and feathers, shredded newspaper (with toxic ink from the print), "plastic hay," processed sewage, inedible tallow and grease, poultry litter, cement dust, and cardboard scraps, plus insecticides, antibiotics and hormones. This mess is artificially flavored and scented to trick the animals into eating it.' Sounds familiar? It should, for essentially this is the delicious and deadly American die-t; chemical junk flavored and "done up" as real food, then deceptively presented to us as such. . . . . . . . .

What's Done to the Produce is Done to the Farm Animals

rain Dissolving Cannibal Flesh: Cows are being fed cows; chickens are being fed chickens it is diabolical! The flesh of such cannibal ed animals contains a new class freak poison with its own special name: "PRION," or outta control protein quiring the heat of 3500 degrees to be destroyed! Humans can't digest such unnatural stuff; we can't even properly digest "normal" toxic flesh. Eating such drugflesh can result in brain dissolving, dementia insanity diseases (such as ad Cow Disease) in both animals and humans who eat them. (see page 108)

Animal flesh has the highest concentration of pesticides. Foods of animal origin are the major source of pesticide residues in the diet. Recent studies indicate that of all the toxic chemical residues in the American et, almost all, 95% to 99%, comes from meat, fish, dairy products and eggs. If to want to include pesticides in your diet, these are the foods to eat. "' Only 10% of the meat adulterated with pesticides and chemicals, or contaminated with filth and diseased organs is condemned by food inspectors. The other 90 percent gets through to the unsuspecting consumer.' America could become a nation of vegetarians if there were strict enforcement of Pesticide residues in red meat, dairy produce eggs, fowl and fish.

fish and seafood are now deadly. Normally, fish would be the most wholesome animal flesh to consume, but now is just as bad or worse than eating red meat. The lakes, rivers and oceans they live in are polluted. Fish have a remarkable ability to absorb and concentrate toxic chemicals from their watery environments. They literally breathe the water they swim in, so they are also continually accumulating more and more contaminants in this manner. The net effect is almost as if they were underwater magnets for toxic chemicals. The EPA estimates fish can accumulate up to 9 million times the level of PCBs in the waters in which they live! By the food chain effect, fish may thus become loaded with enormous concentrations of these toxic chemicals. Shell fish that filter water (oysters, clams, mussels, scallops, etc.) are especially saturated with pesticides. DDT levels in the oceans have damaged a major source of the world's oxygen supply the microscopic phytoplankton.' Fish and seafood get contaminated with additional poisons from the chemicalized ice they are packed in for shipment.

What's Done to the Produce is Done to the Farm Animals:

Sprayed, injected with death.
Shot up with drugs, hormones and antibiotics because their environment is full of feces and filth. Because they are usually diseased, they are injected with antibiotics. A government report found that over 90% of chickens from most of the country's flocks are infected with chicken cancer (leukosis).' Literally hundreds of drugs are used on livestock. Factory farm animals are dipped in, and sprayed with many toxic compounds. They are injected with dyes so that their meat and yolks will appear to be a `healthy looking' yellow.' Pesticides are also injected to kill worms in their stomachs.' Cattle, pigs, sheep and other livestock are often routinely doused with toxaphen to kill the parasites they breed in the crowded, filthy conditions of modern factory farms. Toxaphen is in the same family with DDT, dieldrin and PCBs. In the most microscopic doses, it produces cancer, birth defects, and causes bones to dissolve in lab animals. It is used every day in America on animals whose flesh Americans eat.

Nearly HALF of America's antibiotics are used on meat animals!

In 1991, the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta released figures showing that approximately half of the 15 million pounds of antibiotics produced yearly in America, are used on livestock and poultry. "We [Albinos] have bred such sickly food animals, that in order to keep them from becoming infected, over 90% of pigs and veal calves, 60% of cattle, and 95% of all poultry have antibiotics routinely added to their feed. Residues of these drugs are in much of meat that you eat. " j Antibiotics and chemicals cannot protect meats. The U.S. Meat Inspection Services recognizes over 42 diseases which make flesh eating dangerous and antibiotics useless.' The continued eating of antibiotics in animal corpses causes human resistance to medicines and immunity to penicillin.

DEAD(ER), especially from cooking irradiation.
Animals fed irradiated food develop damage to their testicles, kidneys and chromosomes. After the animals are slaughtered and neatly packaged, their flesh is irradiated with nuclear radiation. (Effects of irradiated food on pages 25, 61) Once purchased, animal flesh is further debased by cooking and microwaving. Much fleshfood is already conveniently pre cooked. Microwaved and radiation deranged food is even more harmful than cooked food.

What's Done to the Produce is Done to the Farm Animals

Processed and embalmed with chemical poisons.

this is done to keep bad meat deceptively looking and smelting fresh, thus salable. Meat, the most perishable and expensive of all foods, is also one of he most tampered with. "After an animal is slaughtered or dies from disease, it is shipped off o the processing house. The meat is doctored up, or the benefit of the gullible public, with aesthetic Beautifiers, stink reducers, taste accentuators, color additives, drug camouflagers, nutritive enhancers, Teaching agents and death certificate. No corpse gets such a face lift by the embalmers and vith good reason, for the corpse is soon buried, vhereas salami, hotdogs, bologna, and chicken may sit on the shelves for months. "
Veal is dyed red with sodium nicotinate otherwise it would turn yellow grey.' Nitrites are also used to give meat a bright red color. sometimes it is put in older meat to make it look fresh, red. It is a cheap preservative. Potassium or sodium nitrate/nitrite is used to fix color in cured meats. It reacts chemically with the myoglobin molecule to impart blood redness to processed meats, convey tanginess to the palate, and to resist the growth of Clostridium botulinum spores, which can cause botulism. Sodium litrite /nitrate (saltpeter) is present in very high levels in hot dogs, bacon, ham and canned fish. It is in all processed meat: cured meats, bacon, bologna, frankfurters, deviled ham, meat spread, potted meats, spiced ham, Vienna sausages, smoke cured tuna fish products, smoke cured shad /salmon.

The problem is that nitrates/nitrites combine with natural stomach and food chemicals (secondary amines) to create nitrosamines, among the most powerful cancer causing agents known.' Studies from two separate institutes found that very small doses of nitrite or nitrosamines caused cancer in animals.' animals feeding on high levels of this chemical develop cancerous tumors. At levels higher than 10 parts per billion, sodium nitrite is a potential cancer lazard. The FDA nevertheless allows 200 parts per million (ppm) in processed meats. Nitrates are used in matches and to improve the burning properties of tobacco. And nitrates were key ingredients for manufacturing bombs and hells during World War L' Such toxins are still quietly bombing people.

What's Done to the Produce & Animals is Being Done to Us! • 4

Grown in, and fed poisons.

We live in a toxic environment and eat toxic food.
We are inundated in a sea of synthetic poisons continuously being created by Albinos /their technology. More than 2 million are known, thousands are added each year, and over 100,000 are now on the market. The vast volume of health mucking poisonous chemicals manufactured each year is staggering billions of pounds. Very few are ever tested for toxicity. An article in the Washington Post stated that at least 60,000 chemicals are in use in the environment, and less than 2% have been tested for toxicity.' Five billion pounds of pesticides alone are spread far and wide not only on agricultural fields but in schools, parks, restaurants, supermarkets, homes and gardens.

• Pesticides in the air /water /earth travel hundreds of thousands of miles from the place they are first used. They may also persist for years in the soil, in their original form or in broken down products. We fill the sky with 130 million tons of noxious chemicals, carbon monoxides, hydrocarbons, nitrogen oxides, sulfur oxides, etc. People living in New York City may inhale the equivalents of 730 pounds of chemicals a year. "Some 600,000 young children living in slums [Melanated neighborhoods no doubt] are threatened with lead poisoning, and 50,000 to 100,000 are likely to required immediate treatment. Slum houses are old, and interior walls have been covered with lead paint some of it half lead which peels from the wall. The lead tastes sweetish and the children eat it ....airborne lead settles in the dust of the city streets... Playing children swallow or inhale this leaded dust... The result at the least is mental retardation [or cerebral palsy]; at the most, death. Damage to the brain is permanent."'
• Millions of children sit in classrooms for six hours a day breathing residues of the chemicals used to construct the schools, especially schools built between 1950 and 1968.
All children born in the U.S. have traces of pesticide in their tissues. Most people carry several hundred "persistent" (non biodegradable) chemicals in their bodies, including synthetic xeno hormones.1 The water from our faucets are toxic chemical soups. We daily wear clothes of permanent press fabrics, outgassing formaldehyde.

The use of chemicals in foods has soared from 419 million pounds in 1955 to more than 800 million today. Each of us eats more than 50 pounds of food additives a year, according to Roper Scheuplein, Ph.D. Office of Toxicological Sciences.' A third of all our food is contaminated with DDT and other lethal chemicals.'

Babies are endangered through breast milk.
Because America's diet is so toxic, the majority of nursing, drugfood nourished moms have contaminated breast milk unfit for any living creature, especially their babes. Most mothers' milk is so high in DDT, PCB's, dieldrin, heptachlor, that it would be subject to confiscation and destruction by the FDA were it to be sold across state lines. Why are poisons concentrated in her milk? A nursing woman's body draws on its body fat reservoirs to make milk. Stored in her fat reservoirs are virtually all the toxic chemicals she has ever ingested, inhaled, or absorbed through her skin. Breast fed babies thereby may consume large amounts of the most toxic substances known to man. In spite of this, nursing moms should still nurse their babies for numerous reasons. They can greatly reduce risk to their young: the amount of animal fat she eats and amount of toxins in her milk are connected. The less flesh, butter, eggs, cheese, milk in her diet, the less toxins in her breast milk. If she is a vegetarian, the amount of pesticides in her milk will be only 1 or 2% of that of the national average.

Brain damage from pesticides.
A study of the long term effect of common organophosphates (such as neurotoxic malathion /parathion) upon human electro encephalograms shows that a single exposure can alter the electrical activity of an infant's brain for years and possibly cause abnormal behavior and learning patterns. Harvard Medical school studies concluded that "there is a dangerous possibility that organophosphate pesticides have the potential for causing long term brain damage. " Organophosphates also decrease sex drive, impair concentration, and cause memory loss, schizophrenia, depression, irritability and more.

Melanin is made toxic from herbicides. Herbicides bind irreversibly with Melanin and remain in Blacks throughout life causing many disorders. This may be a key unsuspected factor contributing to the super high mortality rate of Afrikan Americans with degenerative diseases.

Metal poisoning is pervasive in Albino society. Your flesh is already polluted or even degenerating from metal poisoning from metal cookware/utensils (aluminum /stainless steel), metal worn against your skin (jewelry, eyeglasses), metal in your mouth (dental fillings), in drugfoods, bodycare products, and the poisoned environment. In the U.S. alone, lead from industrial sources and leaded petrol contribute more than 600,000 tons of lead to the air 2 to be inhaled or ingested after depositing on crops, soil or fresh water.

U.S. Deaths 1985 1990
From the annual reports of Poison Control Centers

Herbs O

Nutritional Supplements 1

OTC Drugs (Aspirin) 640

Poison Emergencies with medical drugs 2,251

Prescription Drugs ("normal" use of medical drugs) 900, 000

Drugs form chemical unions that paralyze nerves, destroy cells, suspend vital action, thus causing symptoms of disease to disappear. The person so treated is sicker than before, though appearing and perhaps feeling better. Every action performed by the body in defense against drugs weakens it! Drugs which have a stimulant rather than narcotic action goad the body into extraordinary eliminative activity; but this exhausts an already exhausted body, resulting in the person being worse off than before. Our body cannot be poisoned into health! All healing that takes place after the administration of drugs does so in spite of the drugs, not because of them. Medical doctors are legal drug pushers; servants of the Controllers via the AMA, drug companies, etc. When such doctors go on strike, the death rate drops about 50%! Over a million people are annually killed by doctors.

Most drugs also interfere with normal enzyme and vitamin action in the body, causing derangement in metabolism and vital body processes.' Many drugs damage the liver, kidneys and can cause serious diseases, including impotence, infertility, birth defects and cancer.' Results of the liberal use of antibiotics and cortisone includes widespread yeast disorders and immunity, resistance to medicines, and immunity to penicillin. AZT, the central drug prescribed for AIDS, terminates DNA synthesis in the body. It also attacks the lone marrow, where immune system cells are manufactured, and so creates the symptoms of AIDS.

What's Done to the Produce & Animals is Being Done to Us! •

Of course, there are situations in which drugs are necessary and can be lifesaving. But drugs should be used only in absolute emergencies, and only if ordered by a competent doctor.

Drugs aggressively destroy vital vitamins and minerals and/or prevent their absorption. Examples:

Medical literature itself admits that aspirin causes a greater amount of disease than it cures and is even responsible for its own unique and potentially fatal disease: Reye's Syndrome. Thousands die of aspirin each year. Strokes (cerebral hemorrhage) can even result from taking aspirin, since it weakens the blood vessel walls of the brain. For every aspirin tablet consumed, the body loses several million molecules of beta carotene, selenium, essential fatty acids, and vitamins C, E, K.t High blood pressure medications promote potassium deficiency because it causes large quantities of precious potassium to leak into the urine. Physicians attempt to minimize this by prescribing potassium sparing diuretics. But the diuretics themselves (thiazide diuretics, Diazide, chlorothiazide, etc.) aggressively deplete tissue stores of potassium,' hence are linked with "sudden death syndrome." The drug of cigarette smoke consumes /destroys vitamin C in the body at a more rapid rate than it can be consumed.; A pack wipes out some 700 mg: three packs, 2000 mg. Thus, smokers suffer from "totally negative Vitamin C status," a very dangerous condition which leaves one vulnerable to lung infections, liver diseases, cancer, blood vessel fragility, emphysema and many other disorders. In commercial foods, additives and pesticides, which are poisons /toxins / drugs themselves, also destroy nutrients. The preservatives BHT and BHA destroy vitamins A, E, C. Sulfites oxidize /destroy vitamins A, E, C, B 12, molybdenum, riboflavin, and folic acid. Food dyes inactivate vitamins C, B6, and folic acid. Pesticide residues destroy vitamins C, E, B6, digestive enzymes, selenium, etc. Chlorine inactivates thiamine, destroys vitamins.

Drugs cannot act on the body; the body acts on drugs. As noted by one doctor: "Drugs and serums do not and cannot act on the body. They are dead matter, and dead matter is powerless to act. ..It is the body that acts, and not the drug, serum, or body waste. It is the danger inherent in the poisonous nature of these things that prompts the body to act. The action is in self defense, and is produced by a calling out of the body's reserve forces; just as the danger of the enemy prompted the man to act in self defense, and straggle until his strength was exhausted. The effects of the abnormal action is beating heart, throbbing brain, rapid respiration, profuse perspiration, vomiting, diarrhoea, skin eruptions, ,fevers, etc. The nature and locality of the symptoms is what determine the name the physicians give them, and that is incidental and immaterial. The more poisonous any substance is, the more dangerous it is, and the quicker and harder the body acts sending a large dose of salts or castor oil through the alimentary canal with a rush. Such treatment, instead of its being curative, is destructive; for it is a terrible shock to the nervous system, and may be continued until the body will utterly collapse from the exhaustion induced by its own violent efforts of self protection. " `

Vaccines, inoculations, immunizations = getting poisoned

I knew vaccines were bad for people but I was appalled to find out just how bad. In Epidemic, Keidi Obi Awadu The Conscious Rasta, summarizes information about the horrors of vaccination and how they are causing epidemics of diseases upon our children. Vaccination /Inoculation / Immunization (three words for the same thing) is part of the war against us, keeping us unhealthy and diminished. Vaccines are time release poisons which often cause crippling, if not fatal disease later in life. Childhood vaccination is mandatory in many states. If American parents knew the truth about vaccination, they would unite to remove this deadly, anti life practice from America's school system. Vaccines actually cause us to become genetic mutants because they are made with genetic material from animals plus outright toxins and decaying matter injected into our blood!'

Ghastly lethal poisons in vaccines
Carcinogenic and toxic chemicals used as deactivators and carriers of vaccine material are: aluminum (a neuro toxin associated with Alzheimer's disease, dementia & seizures), thimerosal (a sodium salt derived from deadly mercury; thimerosal has been linked to brain and kidney damage, immune and neurological disorders; it is a component of vaccines for DPT, tetanus, hepatitis B and Hib), methylene glycol (antifreeze), formaldehyde (embalming fluid, a cancer causing chemical shown to be injurious to the liver and to trigger gene mutations), carbolic acid (a deadly poison used as a disinfectant), antibiotics (Neomycin, Streptomycin and other drugs), acetone (a solvent used in fingernail polish remover), and traces of other toxic chemicals (sodium hydroxide, sorbitol, benzethonium chloride, methylparaben...).; The Hepatitis A vaccine is made from human feces.

Overview of vaccine wickedness In Matrix III, Valerian informs us:4 "The term `immunization' was derived from the [Albino] belief that the injection of a foreign body of infection into the human system (which already possesses a natural immune system) will confer life long immunity from a specific disease. The word immunization is synonymous with the word inoculation. Despite this belief, there has always existed the observation that immunizations cause disease, and it is considered heresy in the medical community to make mention of this fact.

"Immunizations also are responsible, according to some medical experts, for many health problems. Dr. Herbert Snow, senior surgeon at the Cancer Hospital of London, once stated that immunization or inoculation causes permanent disease to the heart ... In the March 4, 1977 issue [of Science], researchers ... warned that, `Live virus vaccines against influenza or poliomyelitis may in each instance produce the disease it intended to prevent... the live virus against measles and mumps may produce such side effects as encephalitic (brain damage) . ...In the magazine Health Freedom News, July /August 1986, an article noted that `Vaccine is linked to brain damage ....At the annual AMA Convention in 1955, the Surgeon General of the United States, Leonard Scheele, said that `no batch of vaccine can be proven safe before it is given to children.' James R. Shannon of the National Institute of Health declared that the only safe vaccine is a vaccine that is never used.' "In the United States and many other countries, there are compulsory immunization programs for children. Because of the financial prospects, physicians are asking that children be vaccinated earlier in their lives. It is no small coincidence that the agencies responsible for the promotion of immunizations, such as the CDC, FDA, AMA and the WHO are also involved with the large drug firms who make it their business to treat the diseases the vaccines cause. It is also these same agencies that have drafted the procedures which forced the states to enact compulsory immunization legislation."

Horrid "side effects" of vaccines As documented in Immunizations: The People Speak!, by Neil Z. Miller: "The following conditions have each been investigated as a consequence of, or have been scientifically confirmed as resulting from, one or more of the vaccines: fever, rashes, itching, bruises, headache, pain, soreness, sore throat, inflamed sinuses, swelling, diarrhea, projectile vomiting, excessive sleepiness, inconsolable crying, high pitched screaming, tics, tremors, seizures, collapse, convulsions, anaphylactic shock, loss of consciousness, breathing problems, cranial nerve palsies, encephalitis, grand mat epilepsy, neurological disorders, weak muscles, paralysis, polio, aseptic meningitis, epiglottitis, multiple sclerosis, Reye's syndrome, Guillain Barre syndrome, chronic fatigue syndrome, sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), bloodclotting disorders, urinary and abdominal complications, juvenile onset diabetes, pneumonia, liver abnormalities, arthralgia, rheumatoid arthritis, unilateral nerve deafness, polyneuritis, measles, atypical measles, pertussis, mumps, meningitis, inner ear nerve damage, recurrent abscess formation, demyelinating neuropathy, EEG abnormalities, dyslexia, visual defects, hearing loss, speech impediments, T lymphocyte blood count reductions, haemophilus influenza, influenza, smallpox, AIDS, cancer, leukemia, lupus erythematosus, genetic mutations, autoimmune disorders, autism, childhood schizophrenia, brain tumors, developmental disabilities, learning disorders, hyperactivity disorder, juvenile delinquency, drug abuse, alcoholism, violent crime, mental retardation, brain damage, and death." [!!!]

What's Done to the Produce & Animals is Being Done to Us!

And tobacco is the safest; healthiest ingredient in cigarettes.

It's mainly the other stuff in cigarettes that is killing people. Nicotine is but one of some 18 or more poisons taken into the system when smoking is indulged. Ingredients in cigarettes, as disclosed by Canadian British suppliers, include:

• shellac • acetone • turpentine

• acetaldehyde and glyoeal (animal carcinogens) methyl aslicylate (causes birth defects in hamsters) licorice root containing glycyrrhizic acid (produces cancer causing polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons when burned) catechol (carcinogenic by product of heated sugars used for flavoring) other additives that strengthen the effect of cancer causing compounds when heated. The list of additives in American brands is filed in the Department of Health and Human Services and protected from public scrutiny by criminal penalties against anyone disclosing it.

Other deadly ingredients in cigarettes:

• Large amounts of benzene /hydrogen cyanide. The latter is considered dangerous at levels of 10 ppm; the concentration in cigarette smoke is 1,600 ppm.
• Sugar: the addition of sugar to tobacco creates a carcinogenic substance within the nicotine tar.
• Opium (added to the cigarette paper): "Since a small amount of this substance can be highly addictive, it explains why hand rolled tobacco using other types of paper does not satisfy the craving that regular cigarettes do."
• Gunpowder, added to the paper to make the it burn evenly.
• Radiation (see page 62). Cadmium, a very toxic heavy metal.
• Every puff starts a chain reaction leading to nitrosamine formation (potent carcinogen) within the lungs, liver, digestive tract, tissues. Heavy smoking also makes one crave toxic meat, another (indirect) source of nitrosamines.

Healthy ways to help stop unhealthy smoking
• Doctah B's Incredible Herbal Stop Smoking Formula. Non addictive. You smoke it and drink a tea. Habit is gone within a month. (213) 427 8419.
• A homeopathic solution called Nico Stop with a money back guarantee. By Lehning Laboratories; distributed by Enzymatic Therapy. 1 800 783 2286.
• Take an Epsom salt bath with 1/2 pound of the salts. This pulls nicotine and tar from the skin. Shower afterward and dry off with a white towel. The brownish residue on the towel from nicotine excreted by the skin enforces desire to stop smoking.6
• Aversion therapy: Stop smoking except for 1 hour daily. Smoke constantly during that hour. Take 15 drops of lobelia tincture 1/2 hour before the 1 st cigarette and again at 15 minutes before the last cigarette. Take the same quantity of lobelia every 15 minutes during remainder of the smoking hour. This produce nausea. Its association with smoking can eliminate desire for cigarettes in just 5 6 days.
• Fasting. Also, chewing on a piece of licorice root is helpful.

54 ________________________________________________
Top Drugfood Weapons Killing Us Slowly & Deliciously

Consopsting WMIch6dlite flour lso labeled enriched flour, heat flour, and just flour is bleached white. White flour an ultra refined (i.e., ultra7stardized), inert product, so void of any life giving properties that in nbarrassment, the government requires the milling Idustry to put back a few of the nutrients it takes out. This ) called "enriched flour" has 4 of more than le 20 vitamins and minerals (removed in le "refining" process) put back into it. hese added vitamins are synthetic, lade from coal tar. This white no good uff is the basis from which breads, )okies, pastries, and pasta are made.

"refined" grain is harmful as white flour
white rice • white grits • white starch pasta • cereals • flours from such

e flour turns into deadly sugar when eaten
White flour is pure starch. Molecularly, it consists of sugar molecules attached y chemical bonds. Once eaten, this starch is rapidly broken down into glucose. hus, Wretched White Flour is a twin of Wicked White Sugar, even becoming sugar, causing the same health assaults as sugar, in addition to dis eases of its wn. One slice of bread equals about 5 heaping teaspoons of sugar. Feeding yoked white flour and grain products to babies, children, and adults promotes id develops diabetes in the same. The human digestive processes were never Mended by Mother Nature to be (ab)used to convert such unnatural drugfood Mo (mal)nourishment for the cells and tissues of our body.

White flour is the king of constipation helping to glue us up inside is the most constipating of foods. Bookbinder's paste is often made of white our. Being devoid of fiber, white flour causes bowel disorders (constipation, )litis, diverticulitis...). 90% of Americans suffer from clogged colons npacted with 2 30 or more pounds of hardened feces that never come out xcept via special programs. No wonder colon cancer is the #2 cancer killer.

The Top Drugfood Weapons Killing Us Slowly & Deliciously • 5

why is refined stareh NN W
Turns to sugar during digestion, hence, causes the same dis eases as sugar, plus other problems. Regular consumption hardens the tissues & joints, resulting in:

arthritis heart problems varicose veins hardened arteries tumors diabetes hemorrhoids gall /kidney stones • The reason for the above: When any starch (or calcium containing food) is cooked, its calcium becomes insoluble inorganic calcium (as in concrete), unusable by your body; clogs your system. If your body is not able to excrete it, it dumps it wherever convenient, such as the gallbladder (gallstones); kidneys (kidney stones); dead ends of blood vessels in the abdomen /anus (resulting in tumors /hemorrhoids). Overworks the liver, causing cirrhosis or the liver tissues to harden.' Promotes colon cancer, the #2 cancer killer in America.
The most constipating of all foods is white flour (and starches in general). 90% of Americans suffer from constipated, clogged colons.
Intoxicates us: Cooked starches quickly ferment in your body in the pre sence of heat /moisture, producing alcohol, carbonic acid gas, and other poisons, especially if eaten with sugars or proteins (pastries /sandwiches). Starch /grain food, a "complex carbohydrate," must be cooked before eating; heating dextrinizes starches. Dextrinized starches especially fer ment in the gut. People who eat lots of starches (almost everyone) have made their body into a distillery, constantly producing alcohol.
Is very mucus forming. Forms acids in the body which cannot be neutralized by the body's secretions.
Mold is common in grains, producing mycotoxins (mold poisons). All packaged breads /starches/pasta contain harmful mycotoxins.
Promotes calcium deficiency and tooth decay.
1 Many experiments of feeding animals on white bread have established that it will not sustain life. Cows fed on refined grain die of heart failure.' 2
Cooked cereals/starch cause nervous afflictions' and arteriosclerosis due to its high content of inorganic sulfur and phosphorous. 1 Baked flour products are made with baking powder, usually containing aluminum potassium sulfate. 40 million pounds are used yearly. Aluminum is toxic and causes Alzheimer's disease.' The residues left in bread by baking powders & baking soda also retard protein/gastric digestion. White flour & foods made with it cause "inorganic iron toxicity" for its heavy consumers (nearly entire American population). How? All white flour is fortified with iron as iron sulfate, a chemical form hardly different from iron filings. When ingested over a long period, inorganic iron may cause liver damage and increase the risk for heart disease and cancer.

The Top Drugfood Weapons Killing Us Slowly & Deliciously

Avoid or Reduce Eating:

Starch foods made with white flour or any "refined" rg ains: bread, buns, rolls creamed soups, gravies bread dressing, croutons cereals, grits, rice pancakes, waffles pasta, noodles macaroni, spaghetti dumplings, pot pies pizza, pretzels, crackers cookies, cakes, donuts egg rolls, crepes malt, malted milk White rice, grits, etc. So called "wheat bread" or multi grain bread made with a combination of white flour /whole wheat flour. baking powder containing aluminum.

Healthier Replacements:

All grains /starchfoods are harmful to humans in the long run. Limit eating them.

Almost OK
("almost" because grains are cooked to make them edible, which also renders them more harmful. Cooked wholegrains are less harmful) • Wholegrains: kamut amaranth quinoa buckwheat wild rice spelt
• Breads, pastas, etc. made with the above
• (best to limit eating wheat, rye, oats, barley and brown rice)
• Millet (least mucus forming of grains)
• Essene type, sprouted grain breads
• Wholegrain breads you make yourself!
• RED potatoes are a good grain substitute (white potatoes are unsafe).
• Agar agar, flaxseed meal, etc. (see Tips).

Tips Healthy non starch thickeners: Arrowroot, slippery elm, agar agar, flaxseed meal. They can be used in (or to make) gravies, soups, salad dressings, breads, candies, smoothies, etc. Flaxseed meal has a satisfying nut like flavor. Agar agar, a sea plant product, can also be used (instead of gelatin) to make congealed fruit & vegetable salads..

Baked Spaghetti Squash: excellent, healthier substitute for pasta spaghetti.

Psyllium fiber: The constipating effects of starch foods can be reduced / eliminated by taking psyllium seed powder or husks. Mix a couple of teaspoons in water or juice and drink immediately since it thickens quickly, then drink another glass of water. Do this 1 3 or more times a day. This is a safe, non laxative way to eliminate constipation if you insist on having your bread and eating it too. Psyllium expands to about 10 times its volume in your colon when you take it with fluid, acting as an effective intestinal broom.

All packaged breads, pasta, including health varieties are contaminated with mold toxins (according to Dr. Hulda Clark). Best to make your own; it's fun.

Mold detoxing is possible by cooking with vitamin C (see page 140). The best way to avoid mold toxins is to make your own bread /pasta. However, bakery breads in paper bags are usually mold free.

The Top Drugfood Weapons Killing Us Slowly & Deliciously • 5

White Fatal Fats
Heart attacks & cancer were rare until hydrogenated vegetable oils were invented in 1913 and unleashed upon the population
Now, heart disease is the Number 1 killer in America and cancer is Number 2. To become a target for both, help yourself to foods made with "refined" oils. Most Americans do, as evidenced by the epidemic of heart attacks and cancer. Over a billion pounds are used each year according to government statistics. 54% of Americans die of heart disease. Over 50 million Americans suffer from severe heart disease. Autopsies show that almost every child over the age of 4 already has incipient to severe cardiac problem. Heart specialists say everyone over 30 has some form of heart disease. The danger of fats toils is from being fractionated, cooked, hydrogenated, refined, and even "cold pressed" Cooked, heat processed oils are generally impossible to metabolize. Such oils are corrupted at the molecular level and deadly. Vegetable oils are processed with gasoline solvent, sodium hydroxide (Draino, caustic soda), phosphoric acid, bleach and other toxins. They contain residues of these deadly chemicals along with abnormal, mis shapen, manmade oil molecules ("traps fat"). In extracting and processing, oils are exposed to light, oxygen, heat, and (as with supermarket oils) chemical solvents. All these degrade the oil. When oils are overheated (cooked/fried) and used for too long, as the case with oils at fastfood restaurants, they become oxidized, loaded with damaging free radicals. Gunk Plaque, turning your soft arteries into hard ceramic pipes If your diet is loaded with fatty, greasy foods, and high in salt, sugar, and hydrogenated oils, you can bet you got plaque accumulated on the inside of your arteries, making them as hard and inflexible as ceramic pipes. "Plaque" is created when ions of minerals get trapped in a sticky, gooey "gunk." The gunk is the fatty, fried and hydrogenated oils. You now have a brick of mineral particles cemented together with pieces of grease. The cement is the cholesterol and triglycerides that bind together. Plaque restricts circulation, raises blood pressure. A heart attack or stroke results when those fragments get caught by plaque already formed along the arterial walls, and completely blocks the flow of blood and oxygen. Fortunately, plaque can be safely dissolved through natural nutritional programs (see Don't Worry, Be Healthy!)

• The Top Drugfood Weapons Killing Us Slowly & Deliciously

Avoid or Reduce Eating: m

all types /brands of margarine shortening (will shorten your life) baking sprays expeller pressed oil most "cold pressed" oils canola oil (totally avoid!) corn oil, soy oil peanut oil (has aflatoxin) peanut butter (hydrogenated) chocolate candy coconut oil palm & palm kernel oil cottonseed oil pasteurized butter lard, animal fat mayonnaise tartar sauce oil based salad dressings cooked fatty /greasy foods: ice cream, chocolate candy fried foods, stir fry donuts, corn dogs "fries", onion rings egg rolls, wontons, fondue gravies, creamed sauces many granolas (loaded with fat /sugar)

Healthier Replacements:

Best: Meet your oil /fat needs with unprocessed raw oily wholefoods like avocados, nuts, and the seeds of hemp, sesame, sunflower, and flax (flax very rich in rare linolenic acid). Hemp seed (essential fatty acids & more) Bee pollen (essential fatty acids & lecithin).


Remember, ALL extracted oils are fractionated, hence drugfoods. Best to choose "cold pressed" or "expeller press ed" oils. Use~aringlvl:
• Olive oil (Virgin /extra virgin, unfiltered. Does not become rancid without refrigeration. Least processed of oils. Virgin means from 1st pressing)
• sesame oil (Lightest of veg oils. Has sesamol, a natural antioxidant that prevents the oil from spoiling. Is the most stable naturally occurring veg oil, hence can be stored a long time without going rancid. Is one of the few oils that can be made without refining.)
• tahini (ground sesame seed spread)
• safflower or sunflower oil
• these "supplement" polyunsaturated oils: flaxseed oil hemp seed oil (best if greenish) primrose oil wheatgerm oil.
• raw butter or cream (From organic goats / cows. Better to use butter than margarine; butter is real; all margarines are unnatural)
Tips Olive or sesame oils, good for salad dressings. Flaxseed oil, a good butter replacement. Avoid a high salt diet because it creates a craving for fats. Avoid all rancid (spoiled) oils. You can identify a rancid unrefined oil by its unusually strong odor and sharp or bitter flavor. The off odors are gases produced by the reactive fatty acid molecules. Spoilage in refined oils is harder to detect because such oils have their odor bodies removed. Dispose of older oils, especially if they have been opened but have sat unused for long periods. Lipase, a fat digesting enzyme, is recommended for people with poor fat assimilation. Fried fats are highly carcinogenic. If you plan on cooking with oils anyway, don't let oils heat to smoking. Never re use oil that has been used for frying. Safflower oil is good for frying /hi temp cooking. Fish oil is risky, likely toxic, since almost all fish are living in polluted waters. Ground flaxseed may be used as generous toppings on food or mixed in beverages. Primrose oil, lecithin, and ground flaxseed helps drive toxic oils out the tissues.


White Refined Insidious Salt:

If the average person's weekly intake of white salt were eaten all at once, they would quickly die!
The "western diet" is spiked with 20 times the salt that occurs in natural food; and this is 20 times the salt required for optimal health! For health requirements the average person only needs about 2 5 grams a day but consume 10 20 grams or more each day. Just as there is white refined sugar ravaged from natural dark sugar cane, there is white refined salt ravaged from gray ocean salt. Out of the richest spectrum of 92 essential minerals found in the ocean, refined white salt retains only two! It's about 40%n sodium and 58% chloride. The remaining 2.5% is various poisons called "additives."

Refined white salt is protoplasmic poison.
Pure salt (sodium chloride), whether mined from the earth or sea is an inorganic, poisonous mineral compound with no nutritive value. It passes through the body without undergoing any change. It is not metabolized as are organic salts. Though sodium and chlorine are important nutrients, your body needs them as they exist organically in plants, and moist, never dried, whole ocean salt. It is admitted everywhere that sodium chloride is an "irritant poison. " This is why you become thirsty after eating salty food your body is making you drink water to dilute the harmful, irritating salt from its delicate tissues. Refined salt wreaks havoc with all the body's tissues. Thus salt has been termed a "protoplasmic" poison, meaning it's poisonous to all organic life. Fish and marine life will die in a solution of refined salt (pure sodium chloride) and water in the same ratio as found in seawater.'

Celtic sea salt. This moist, never dried, genuine "gray whole ocean salt" is actually healthy! It actually normalizes blood pressure! Doctors in Europe regularly prescribe it for many diseases, for it is full of assimilable minerals, and supplies a substantial part of the trace elements missing from today's supermarket produce. Oceans are the lifeblood of Earth. Our blood and body fluids are similar to ocean water in their chemical composition. All of ocean salt's trace and macroelements stay within the crystal only as long as the moisture of that salt is retained.' Applying artificial heat destroys the riches of the ocean while removing that moisture. This water retaining part of seasalt is called the "mother liquor" or bitterns, and is centered around magnesium salt. Mother liquor restores hydro electrolytic imbalance (a disorder causing many health problems). Its marvelous healing powers are still used by Europe's medical profession, as by the Celts hundreds of years ago.

Waters of Woe -- Are you Drinking rat poison?

Contrary to what you've been led to believe, fluoride (in fluoridated tap water) and its derivatives are deadly to your health. Fluoride makes people more susceptible to cancer and causes 30,000 to 50,000 deaths each year. Medical authorities state that fluoride can cause kidney disorders, bone diseases, impotency, Mongoloid births, and even madness. Fluoride is derived from fluorine, a deadly chemical to humans. While seemingly not dangerous in small amounts, the government investigations of 156 cancer deaths indicates that fluorine accumulates in the human body and eventually causes cancer or other fatal illnesses. A dictionary defined fluorine as'. "A Vale yellow, highly corrosive, poisonous, gaseous halogen element, the most electronegative and most reactive of all the elements, used in a wide variety of industrially important compounds." Tap water is the largest source of fluoride, toothpaste is the second largest source. Drugs are another source; for example, fluoride is the trigger ingredient in Prozac, one of the biggest selling psychotropic drugs.

But isn't Fluoride good for teeth? Dr. Paavo Airola wrote: "...there is no positive, conclusive, scientific proof that the addition of this inorganic toxic chemical [sodium fluoride] does the least bit of good, even to the teeth of children between ages 7 and 12. But there are dozens of reliable studies made around the world that show that the fluoridation of the water causes fluorosis (mottling of tooth enamel), mongolism in infants, kidney damage, and other harmful effects to the body ...These studies are however, suppressed; researchers are persecuted; and their findings are not published in medical journals. 112 Another doctor wrote: "Medical and scientific `peer reviewed' journals have routinely suppressed the publication of articles and research opposing fluoridation." 3 Those promoting fluoride in toothpaste are the trade association called The American Dental Association, who derive royalties from toothpaste manufacturers who recommend fluoridated toothpaste!' Fluoridation may harden some people's teeth, but it also hardens the arteries and brain, and it is the same compound that is used as a rat poison. Yet 88 million pounds of rat poison shipped to our water systems for human consumption are not colored blue or marked poison. Only fluoride which goes to exterminators must be colored blue or the supplier goes to prisons


Fluoride weakens your immune system.
In an article by Dr. Thomas Levy, Fluoridation: Paving the Road to the Fillt Solution (published in Extraordinary Science Magazine Jan Mar 94), we lea that as little as 0.1 ppm fluoride retards white cell migration, an important component in the immune system. In addition, fluoride interferes with the process of phagocytosis, one of the mechanisms by which white cells attack foreign agents (e.g. bacteria).

Are You Drinking recycled Sewage water?

A recent study of a major city's tap water shows that the main ingredient is water. The second major ingredient is shredded toilet tissue!' Today's tap / faucet water is yesterday's toilet water. Raw sewage water is often recycled drinking water. Some 40,000 or so carcinogens have been found in tap water So many chemicals are added to tap water that it is a toxic, complex chemical soup. Plus, it often contains microorganisms and parasites which cause sickness. More than 700 contaminants have been found in water supplies nationwide 200 are toxic chemicals, including lethal fluoride and aluminum which cause disease and death. Pesticides and agricultural chemicals also invade our nation’s water supply. The body stores the chemicals found in tap water in our arteries, veins, joints, tissues and vital organs. Clearly, tap water is not clean enough consumption. It is one of the top menaces to public health.

Is your water turning you into stone?

Tap water, mineral water, spring and well water are loaded with inorganic minerals your body cannot assimilate. This is why such water is called "hard.” And "soft water" is only soft in comparison with water that is harder. These inorganic minerals leave water spots on your glasses, a stony coating in your kettle, and lime deposits around your faucet nozzles. They also leave the same deposits in your body! - hardening your soft tissues over time, turning you into living rock. The cumulative effect is witnessed with the bodies of elderly people. At birth, a baby's body is over 90% water; by adulthood, the body is about 75% water, and even less than this as it ages. Where does the water go? It is displaced by accumulation of precipitated, inorganic minerals. Were it not the activity of the eliminative organs, most people would become statues of themselves by age 40. You can consume about 450 pounds of inorganic minerals from tap /spring /mineral /well water in your lifetime. If our bodies are not capable of excreting them, these inorganic minerals settle in soft tissues, veins, organs, and bones, causing mineral deposits. The cumulative results include kidney stones, gallstones, glaucoma, arthritis (cemented joint enlarged joints, ossification of the tissues, and other problems. Therefore, water containing high levels of inorganic minerals especially cationic minerals are usually unhealthy for drinking. Inorganic minerals are not nutrients but unusable toxic material to the body. However, if these minerals are mainly anionic minerals, such as potassium or sodium sulfate, the water is much healthier and even beneficial. But this type of water is rare. Most mineral,


Avoid or Reduce Consumption:

- Tap water
- drinks made with tap water
- food made with tap water
- ice cubes made with tap water
- purchased ice
- carbonated water
- limit use of all bottled water because of solvent contamination
- limit use of mineral water, well water, and spring water

Healthier Replacements:

- reverse osmosis mineral free water
- purified water from water dispensers
- filtered tap water, depending on the type of filter system used.
- clean rain water
• distilled water:
plain or mixed with any of the above waters (in order to take advantage of distilled water's ability to expel inorganic minerals deposits from the tissues) mixed with seawater (4 teaspoons of filtered, unheated seawater to a half gallon of distilled water in order to prevent distilled water from removing any minerals, organic or inorganic, from body)
• "Liquid crystal water" (see Tips below)


- (See "distilled water" in the above right column)
- Liquid crystal water: why does it cure health problems and diseases (so quickly at that), plus increases our vitality and well being when regularly consumed? It has these properties: has a polymer nature that neutralizes the alkaline or acid nature of humans, animals, plants & soil. Balances the pH, allowing body's enzymes to work far better. Makes body's enzymes work 10 times more effectively, thus producing a 10 fold increase in body's own natural healing power. The enzyme action of our bodies is accelerated when the pH is neutralized. Super penetrating. Penetrates the skin, tissues, cells, organs, muscles and even bones, like no other penetrant (great for arthritis). Since it has a polymer base, breaks up fatty deposits, kidney stones, toxins. Cleanses the tissues. Also called "catalyst altered water," it can be made by adding one ounce of "Willard Water Concentrate" (available from healthstores) to a gallon of water, preferably distilled water.
- Best to store your water in glass containers. Avoid plastic if possible; definitely avoid storing water in metal, especially aluminum.
- If you keep a (preferably clear) quartz crystaUs in your drinking water, the crystal improves the taste. It doesn't matter if the crystal is broken or dinged. Before using, first "purify" the crystal of any possible negative vibrations by burying it in plain salt for a week or leaving it in direct sunlight for several days (this is very important!). Then thoroughly wash it. To test its effect on water, leave water in two glasses overnight; one with a crystal in it and the other without. Next day remove the crystal and try it on friends to see if they taste a difference.
- A yogi method of improving and oxidating water: Get two glasses. Fill one with water, then pour it into the other empty glass, then pour it back. Do this several times. It not only improves the taste but it charges the water with "prana" from the air, as well as oxygenates it.


DIE rY Dairy, Mucus Heaven, Normony, Murder Us Milk: Farmers know if you feed pasteurized milk to a calf, it will die within 6 weeks due to malnutrition. In one study, animals died within 5 weeks of respiratory complications (mucus) when placed on a diet of pasteurized milk and orange juice.' When raw milk is pasteurized, it is corrupted at the molecular level (like any food that's cooked) and loses most of its nutrition. It also loses phosphatase, an enzyme importam for assimilating minerals, including calcium in the milk. Pasteurized milk is inferior and lacks the enzymes, vitamins and minerals required to maintain good health.

it is ch~tdwabu~0't6f6e~d c©w~' milk to our babies

1r ;s abuse to feed pasteurized milk to any creature. Cows' milk raises babies' deathrate. In a study of over 20,000 babies, the rate of illness was compared between completely breast fed babies and bottle fed babies. Pasteurized milk fed babies had a mortality rate 56 times greater than breast milk fed babies. The general rate of sickness was nearly double for the pasteurized milk fed babies.z Cows' milk makes babies /children diabetic. At a Finland university, Dr. S. Virtanen discovered that feeding cows' milk to babies 3 months old and younger, often results in complete insulin deficiency.' Bovine milk protein destroys the insulin producing beta cells of the pancreas and causes diabetes.

1 In children, milk is responsible for allergies, colic, colitis, earaches, colds, sore throats, congestion, respiratory illness and is linked to asthma. Children who are fed cows' milk formulas grow up into adults with a higher susceptibility to multiple sclerosis than breast fed children.

_ The BGH hormone in milk is linked to rapid, unnatural growth in children. The human baby develops its brain first while the calf develops its bone structure first. Thus, human milk is high in phosphorus and the amino acid taurine, both important to brain development; while cows' milk is high in calcium for bone structure, and deficient in phosphorus and taurine. Cows' milk has 300% more casein than human milk. Casein furnishes a number of amino acids for supplying the protein molecules to build bone structure that will carry the calf's body weight. A baby human develops twice its weight in 7 months whereas a baby cow develops twice its weight in 7 weeks.




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